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The aim of this page is to record and encourage the involvement of schools and young people in general in the continuing work of remembering and researching the lives of those who were Far East Prisoners of War (see below for articles already submitted)

We would be very pleased if you would tell us if you have any FEPOWs recorded on your war memorials and if you have been able to remember them in any other way at school. Perhaps you have continuing links with former pupils who returned from the prison camps, or perhaps with their relatives. It may also be that some of your current pupils have connections with FEPOWs. You may have been out to the Far East and visited an area where they were held POW or visited one of the War Cemeteries. Any accounts of your activities which you agree to include on this Schools' Page will be very helpful in encouraging other schools to develop work in connection with the Far East and the prisoners' captivity.

If you are experiencing difficulties in finding out about those who were FEPOWs please contact us and we will try to help. We will also be pleased to work with you in developing an appropriate FEPOW Remembrance event for your school.

The FEPOW story may be of interest to older students looking for a particular history project that will be interesting to others, interesting to pursue, with facts and personal recollections that are easily accessible.

COFEPOW is keen for schools and students to use the material on its site provided reference is made to its source. We want to help others and we want others to help us. Help us to make our Schools page interesting for the benefit of all children and students.

If you have something you can add please contact or send it to either

Carol Cooper at: Carol.Cooper@cofepow.org.uk or

Robin Canwell at: robbez@tesco.net

Many thanks!

PS Just a little snippet sent to us by teacher and COFEPOW Member Sally MacDonald which gives an indication of the problems we face:-

'"Have to tell you this little story: As part of their English Course our Year 9 students have to study non-fiction texts - they have to look at, for instance, how a leaflet is designed to catch attention. I took in a set of COFEPOW leaflets as examples for my top set group - very bright youngsters. The serious little lad at the front, after a minute or two, asked about the content, stating "I didn't know we had ever been at war with Japan. This is terrible. Why have I never been told?"


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