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The Bridge Over The River Kwai Group Tour

Paul Watson
July 12, 2020

THE BRIDGE OVER THE RIVER KWAI group tour:  12-26 July, 2020

Come and touch history with us - Join Jack Bridger Chalker’s son, Adrian Chalker in Thailand as he lays his father’s ashes to rest in a dedication ceremony at The Bridge Over the River Kwai; the final ‘last post’ for an WWII allied soldier in Kanchanaburi, and perhaps the last WWII soldier to be publicly buried anywhere. Join us on a two-week journey from Singapore to Thailand to scatter the ashes of POW artist Jack Bridger Chalker and dedicate a Memorial Plaque for all POWs at the Jack Chalker Gallery / 'Weary' Dunlop Memorial in Kanchanaburi. Hosted by first class guides and accompanied by the son of Jack Bridger Chalker, Adrian Bridger Chalker (professional tour operator and organizer of this expedition), the itinerary is a mix of WWII activities and tourist visits designed to accommodate the interests of the entire family, not just the history fanatics! We explore Singapore,Bangkok, visit Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai for the jungle experience, then end in Kanchanaburi,a place of startling beauty, for the dedication ceremony.

If you are interested in joining us, please visit the website of Adventures Abroad,of Vancouver BC. Canada. You will find the full itinerary, prices and dates,and all the details you will need to book your place on the group.  

To call for details, please use the following numbers:

USA& CANADA:                        1(425) 641-9284

AUSTRALIA& NZ:                      001 (425) 641 9284

UK& IRELAND:                          001(425) 641 9284

PLEASE NOTE: Office is located in Seattle, USA, Seattle Pacific time (GMT minus 8 hours)

PLEASE NOTE: Travelers from Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Ireland, Canada and America are anticipated. VIP and celebrity attendance at the ceremony will involve media. We anticipate film crews in Singapore and in Kanchanaburi at the ceremony, filming our group on certain activities, and perhaps requesting interviews from some participants. There may also be some VIP / Celebrityattendance at the dedication ceremony in Kanchanaburi with attendant press and media.We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and ask you to consider mediainvolvement as part of the tour experience. In effect, the group will becomethe core of a minor historic event, and so significant media interest isanticipated.