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Pam's Page - 'My Greatest Achievement'

July 1, 2018

Because of my macular degeneration and consequent deteriorating eyesight I have in recent months been concentrating on going through the mountain of paperwork here at 143 New Road, so as to leave things in some sort of orderl Consequently, I have been doing a lot of shredding and one of the items involved were the spare copies of all 127 of the Birmingham Association of FEPOW Newsletters edited by my late husband Les of me.

By chance I happened to notice in the 'And Finally' item of the October 2015 Newsletter, the following:-

"My Greatest Achievement"

I was asked recently what was my greatest achievement. It took me no time at all to say that this was changing the cause of death on a death certificate, which is virtually impossible. The original research which Les and I undertook related to Ambon Island, which was why we bought the death certificate of Trooper Henry Champion. It stated that he had died with dysentry, whereas we knew that he had been killed violently. We were told that the only way to change the cause of death was to produce two signed affidavits. Les and I did this by swearing that we had inspected the War Crimes Trials document concerned at the National Archives and the death certificate was altered thus - In the cause of death column for 'Dysentry' read 'in Japanese hands of stab wounds' corrected 16 November 1990 by Heather Perry for the Registrar General on production of Statutory Declarations made by Pamela Mary Stubbs and Stanley Leslie Stubbs. My wish now is that the framed corrected copy of the death certificate will be displayed in the Hussars Museum in Warwick. This was originally in the Lord Leyster Hospital but is currently being moved down the road to a building still under construction. The contents of the Museum are in storage. Hopefully the building work will be completed by September when the Java FEPOW Club (1942) will be holding their AGM and Reunion in nearby Stratford-upon-Avon, so that the certificate can be presented then to the museum.