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Thailand-burma railway centre

The Thailand-Burma Railway Centre (TBRC) is a privately operated interactive museum, information and research facility, which opened in January 2003. It is dedicated to presenting the factual and unbiased history of the construction of the railway between Thailand and Burma by Allied prisoners of the Japanese and Asian laborers during WWII.

The COFEPOW National Enterprise Competition for Primary Schools

A factual and unbiased centre

The Centre is fully air-conditioned and offers the visitor an informative and moving experience as the story unfolds over the two levels of world-standard and interactive galleries. The revealing and sometimes graphic displays are very interesting, emotive and educational to all visitors.

Due to a unique and intimate knowledge of the railway and its associated wartime campsites, railway stations, and cemeteries, connected family members can be taken on a TBRC personal pilgrimage tours to the specific work areas of their PoW relative. Historical guidance and accommodation packages are tailored to meet individual circumstances.

TBRC is an excellent facility that not only meets the needs of the most demanding visitor, but gives the many relatives of ex PoW railway workers around the world somewhere they can go to for answers to their many questions, from staff with a deep personal understanding of their needs. The Museum galleries continue to expand as new artifacts become available through family donations or new information is revealed by the vast amount of ongoing research being conducted by the Centre.
The Museum complex is on the western side of the main Kanchanaburi War Cemetery, 1km from the city centre. The location is approximately 100 metres from the cemetery entrance, and about 200 metres from Kanchanaburi railway station. Both the ground floor entrance plaza and the Coffee Shop/Cafe on the second level give superb views of the cemetery for quiet contemplation of the tragic events in WWII.

If you are seeking information on a POW then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

TBRC Tours

The TBRC has a number of tours you can go on whilst in the Far East. Click on the links below to see more information.

COFEPOW initiative to encourage donations to the Centre

The successful provision of information regarding FEPOW relatives to many COFEPOW members has encouraged a number of members to ask how to make a donation to the Centre in return. The centre is a significant source of accurate historical facts about British and commonwealth POWs during the war - facts which are researched, compiled and provided entirely free of charge.

Details of how to make a donation are therefore included here:
The Thailand/Burma Railway Centre:
Bank: Bank of Ayudhya PCL
Branch: Kanchanaburi, Thailand
73/18 Authong Road, Ban Nua,
71000 Thailand
Bank A/c name: T.B.R.C. Co. Ltd
Current A/c No: 152-0-01323-6
Swift Code: AYUDTHBK

Note: Thailand does not use the IBAN or BSB system.Some online transfer systems require an 11 digit SWIFT Code. If so, simply add ‘XXX ’to the end,which simply means the bank’s Head Office. Optional 11 digit SWIFT Code: AYUDTHBKXXX.

International Money Transfers via banks can be expensive with fees and not very viable for smaller donations. One of the non-bank online services called “Transfer Wise” at is extremely economical, fast and efficient for on-line savvy people.They have the best exchange rates to Thai currency Centre Manager Terry has experienced and charge negligible fees.

Terry is also separately looking at how donations can be made easier and will update on that in due course. Western Union is another well-established supplier. although we have limited experience. There are other on-line options with which we have limited or no experience.

For bank transfers, please transfer in your own currency (e.g. AUD; GBP; EURO; USD) resulting in the best available exchange rate to the Thai Baht at the Thai end and minimal bank charges.

Please notify the Centre by email of any transfers to help confirm

Thank you.