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70 Days to Hell

Included is the full reports of Generals Percival and Wavell with comments from various other historians

Author: Arthur Lane

Arthur is a former Far East Pow (FEPOW)

The book describes the day by day account of the fall of Malaya and Singapore in which was fought from the 6th December 1941 to 15th February 1942.

It contains a concise list of the casualties killed in action and where they went missing each day and those missing with no grave.

Also included are various maps and diagrams depicting the various battles which ensued.

The book is a ‘must have’ addition to the book shelf of anyone interested in the history of WW2 and the Pacific war in particular.It is also a useful tool to trace the whereabouts of units and family members lost during the 70 days fighting for Malaya and Singapore.

Compiled from the accounts of people who were there

Price £25 in the UK which includes £6 for p&p. Fifty percent of receipts will be donated to service charities.

It has a laminated cover containing 1110 Pages, weight 1.2 Kilo

ISBN 978-1-897666-76-0

Year Publication: 2012

Publisher: Lane Publishers

61, Charles Street,



Cheques payable to "Lane Publishers"