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Code Breaker Girls - A Secret Life at Bletchley Park

Jan Slimming (Author)

Foreword by Sir Dermot Turing

Codebreaker Girls: A Secret Life at Bletchley Park tells the true story of Daisy Lawrence.

Following extensive research, the author uses snippets of information, unpublished

photographs and her own recollections to describe scenes from her mother’s poor, but

happy, upbringing in London, and the disruptions caused by the outbreak of the Second

World War to a young woman in the prime of her life.

The author asks why, and how, Daisy was chosen to work at the Government war station,

as well as the clandestine operation she experienced with others, deep in the British

countryside, during a time when the effects of the war were felt by everyone. In addition,

the author examines her mother's personal emotions and relationships as she searches

for her young fiancée, who was missing in action overseas. The three years at Bletchley

Park were Daisy's university, but having closed the door in 1945 on her hidden role of

national importance — dealing with Germany, Italy and Japan — this significant period in

her life was camouflaged for decades in the filing cabinet of her mind. Now her story

comes alive with descriptions, original letters, documents, newspaper cuttings and unique

photographs, together with a rare and powerful account of what happened to her after the


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Codebreaker Girls: A Secret Life at Bletchley Park  - Foreword by Sir Dermot Turing.

From your favorite independent bookstore, including Waterstones and Blackwells, direct from my publisher at  or Publication January 2021

#Codebreakersdaughter. Delighted to say first reviews are pretty good! #Goodreads, #Netgalley, #Penandswordbooks.

Publication in America will be March 2021: Pre-order at A Capella Books, Fox Tales, Barnes & Noble or direct from the US Publisher Casemate, and