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His Majesty's Service 1939 - 1945

Author: Captain J.A.L. Barratt

His Majesty's Service 1939 - 1945 is the title of a small book written by a well known and respected Norwich Ex POW, Captain John Barratt who was in the 4th Battalion of the Royal Norfolk Regiment. He sadly died in July 2002.

His son David has now offered to produce copies of his father's book, and the entire proceeds are being donated to COFEPOW. Captain Barratt writes of Singapore just prior to the surrender and his account of being held in captivity on the Thai/Burma railway and his memoirs can now help raise money for the "FEPOW Building"

'His Majesty's Service 1939-45' is a true story of Captain J.A.L. Barratt's memoirs as a Japanese Prisoner of War

The ill-fated 18th Division's journey to Singapore under secret escort thanks to U.S.A. President Roosevelt.

The Fall of Singapore.

The Railway - the true story of the destruction of the Bridge over the River Kwai - witnessed by Captain J.A.L. Barratt and only seven others.

Book obtainable from :-

Mr. D.J. Barratt, Manor House, Great Witchingham Norfolk NR9 5PG U.K.

Telephone: (01603) 775477 Fax: (01603) 623983

Price - £12.00 (inc P&P)

Cheques payable to COFEPOW please