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My Life With the Samurai

Author: Anthony Cowling

A re-print with important new additions

Written by one of the few survivors of the WWII Japanese Death Camps in Indonesia-Haruku, Ambon and Muna, this inspiring book recounts the horrifying events endured by Allied Prisoners of War in the Far East.

From his initial capture to his ultimate liberation on Java and with full descriptions of all the drafts in between, Anthony Cowling paints a vivid picture of the starvation, brutality, diabolical tropical diseases, terrifying journeys under Allied fire on the squalid 'hell ships' and the thousands of unnecessary deaths that resulted.

This reprint now includes appendices of information on other atrocities perpetrated by the Japanese such as the massacre of nurses on Banka island and torture in Unit 731 - the 'human experimental facility'.

There is also an exposure of the governmental misjudgment that led to the sacrifice of Singapore and ultimately the whole South East Asian region. Included, too, is the recently uncovered telegram from Churchill and the King sent to 'All Ranks of the British Forces who stayed behind in Java.'

The book is an absolute necessity for the men who were there, their relatives and friends and all those who are interested in oral histories from the Pacific theatre.


Book available from:

Amanda Johnston, 2 London Road, Hythe, Kent. CT21 4DF

Price: £12.00 per copy plus UK postage and packing of £1.70 per book

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