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Philosophical Short Essays Vol. 1

Author: Stephen Stemmer

The world of science exists solely on factual evidence and theoretical probabilities. Every rule and scientific law, once thought to be absolute, is in a form of continual discovery and constant change. We have long since passed the age of observable science and entered into the realm of the theories of quantum mechanics and sub-atomic particles. Any change that we initiate in our environment will and does radiate its effects throughout the universe. As an example: time travel, once only the imagination of moviemakers is now a theoretical possibility in the science of mathematics.

The applications of philosophy, through debate and argument, provide one of the only direct routes to understanding and reasoning. The most distinctive feature of philosophy is its use of logical argument and therefore the philosophical method is rational, systematic and requires critical thinking. Philosophy examines many of the beliefs that we take for granted, and through debating and apologia, we can obtain a better insight and knowledge in our beliefs and thus provide the fundamental reason or causes of all things

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The author, COFEPOW member Steve Stemmer, has offered to donate 10% of all sales of this book to COFEPOW.