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West Sussex Area Co-ordinator Update

The south coast area of the UK co-ordinated by Jill Robertson, covers largely West Sussex and some of East Sussex.  Jill oversees this in a ‘minding’ capacity until an East Sussex co-ordinator can be found.  As we all know the last year has been an unprecedented time, with the Covid-19 restrictions holding up any opportunities to get together in the region.  At the time of writing, the Tier 4 rules are affecting most of the south of England, preventing any fundraising events.  Jill has been able to keep in touch with the area’s 20+ members and would welcome those who have further news on their FEPOW research, to get in touch.  The email is  A virtual zoom area meeting could be arranged if anyone is happy to participate.

Nonetheless Jill has been busy perpetuating the memory of our FEPOWs.  She is currently writing her FEPOW father Stan’s story.  Primarily transcribing her father’s wartime diary, this is in conjunction with  her sister, and CoFEPOW Area Co-ordinator for East Coast USA, Jan Slimming.  The sisters have been relentless with research over the last few years, assimilating both of their parents’ world war two history.  Their mother, Daisy Moore (nee Lawrence) was a member of the code-breaking teams at Bletchley Park.  The book about Daisy’s time on the Japanese/Naval codes, has been lined up for publication and went on sale at the end of January 2021, via Amazon and is still available.   The book about Stan is due to be published it is hoped, in 2022.

Stan’s diary was also an address book.  In the front of the tiny handmade book, a series of approximately 35 addresses have been written. It is Jill’s aim to reconcile a lot of the names and find people who are descendants of the brave men who went to war in a place they never dreamt of being.  Mainly RASC men, who were trained at Droitwich barracks just prior to embarking on ships, that were part of the Winston Special convoys from Liverpool across to Halifax, they gave their addresses in the hope they would all see each other at the end of the war.   If anyone has relatives who died or survived, with surnames such as Cothill, Cale or Cole, Hill, Hunter, Cowling, Pitcher, Davies, Eade, Fairchild, Fisher, George, Hatfield, Norris, Sherriff, Warnes, Wales, Weeks, please let Jill know.  There are several more and these will be issued in the next Newsletter.  Jill has already made successful contact with two of her father’s comrades in army logistics descendants: Freddie Holt and Capt. Ronald Horner.  It is a bit like a needle in a haystack but ever hopeful, she welcomes possibilities.

Members – in these difficult times, it is advisable to check meetings are going ahead with your Area Co-ordinator.

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