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Curran, Robert David

R.H.A. 872457

Hong Kong - Lisbon Maru - Osaka

Robert David Curran - Taken 1937 age 16yrs

My brother Gunner Robert David Curran R.H.A. 872457, was posted before the war to to Fort Stanley, Hong Kong.

After the gallant defence of Hong Kong he was captured and interned by the Japanese. He was transported to Japan on the fateful journey of the Lisbon Maru and survived its  sinking. He finished up at Osaka, Japan and when liberated was taken to Manitoba in Canada.

His mate, Bert Rich, joined up with him and also Vince Guy.

Robert rejoined the Artillary later on and finished as an R.S.M. of his regiment.

My brother, Robert David Curran has since passed away and was buried with full military honors in Liverpool, at his death he was a retired R.S.M.

I am very proud of him and all the lads that were with him.

God Bless them all.

Joemoe - John Curran EX Royal Sigs