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Denson, Brian

2nd Cambridgeshire Regiment

Changi - Death Railway

Died 15th August 2001

Sadly  our "Associate"  member  Brian Denson  from Willlingham, Cambridge  died  on the  15th August.   Brian   was  in  the  2nd  Cambridgeshire  Regiment    and  during  his  imprisonment  in Changi  he became  part  of the  7000 strong  ill fated  "F" Force   most  of  whom  died.  Brian was put to work on the railway and collating  the  death certificates  of  all those  who  died,   he  fortunately survived,  but  many  of his comrades  were  buried  in the Thanbyuzayat  cemetery.

In  March  this  year,  just  a month  before  the COFEPOW   members  commenced  their pilgrimage  to  the Far East,  Brian  set  out  on his  own  pilgrimage  to  Burma  to  say a final farewell  to  his mates.   Although in his eighties,  he  made  this  journey  on  his  own  and  at  that  time  was in perfect health. Shortly  after  his  return  from the Far  East  he fell ill  and  never  recovered.     That last  journey  to Burma   was a very fitting  end  to  his  life.