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Fathers, Donald William

Royal Corps

Changi Goal

Died July 4, 1998

Don Fathers joined the Royal Corps of Signals in May 1940. He was stationed in Bakewell until he left for Malaya in January 1941. He arrived in Singapore March 24th. and was then sent to join the 11th Indian Division in Alor Star, Kadha, in Malaya, along the border with Siam (Thailand). When the war started they retreated to Singapore.

Don was in Selerang Square when they refused to sign escape papers. He was in the hospital with diphtheria when his company was sent north to the Bridge and praised the doctor and orderly who had taken care of him and saved his life.

Don was kept in the Changi Jail until the end of the war.

Like the others, Dad never spoke much about the time spent in Changi.

Helen Elliott