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Williamson, Gordon

Royal Scots

Sham Shui Poo then Japan

Died 6th April 1992

On 6th April, Gordon Williamson, father of COFEPOW members Gordon Williamson and Marina Earley sadly passed away, aged 77.

Gordon was in the Royal Scots, stationed in Hong Kong when it fell on Christmas Day 1941. He was taken as a FEPOW and held captive at Sham Shui Pow until he was to be transferred to Japan on the fateful Lisbon Maru on 27th September 1942. What happened upon that ship was a living nightmare.

The prisoners were held in cramped conditions in three holds with minimal food and no toilet facilities. The Lisbon Maru was torpedoed by the USS Grouper three days later. See the pages on Hong Kong for more on the Lisbon Maru. Gordon was one of the few surviviors.

The rest of his life as a FEPOW is still a mystery, and one that his children Gordon and Marina are still trying to solve. Any information would be gratefully received. Please email either:

Gordon on

or Marina on