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Donations of Artefacts

November 7, 2020

The COFEPOW charity has accepted and continues to accept relevant donations of POW authored publications, personal artefacts, souvenirs, mementoes and military keepsakes. While donations of these artefacts are gratefully received, the Trustees cannot guarantee that they will be displayed in the FEPOW Building at the National Memorial Arboretum (NMA).  Unfortunately, as we are unable to change the display cases in the downstairs exhibition area, be assured, the donations will be stored safely in the archives (upstairs in the Building) under lock and key, where there are security cameras.  

Please be aware that the space in the archives is limited and although we are not yet at full capacity, when it is full, we will regrettably have to turn down offers of donations.

If you wish to make any donation of artefacts, please contact either Keith Andrews by email or telephone  01530 450621 or Chris Wills by email or telephone 0121 244 7263