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N.F.F.W.R.A VJ75 Event Postponed

Pauline Simpson
June 5, 2020

VJ Day 75 – NFFWRA – St Martin-in-the-Fields, London, 15th August 2020

It is with great sadness and disappointment that we join COFEPOW in postponing our commemorations this year. Churches remain closed and a decision over reopening probably will not be decided until the beginning of July. Should they be open then social distancing will apply and it is fairly certain that our veterans and those in the vulnerable category would not be permitted to attend. It is very disappointing not to be able to honour our veterans and remember those left behind who gave their lives in this conflict. It is hoped however that the preparation and work already given over to this event will not have been wasted as we plan ahead for next year.

1. I hope to announce that a form of service will be streamed from St Martin-in-the-Field on 15th August at 11am. This will be available online (u-tube) if successful and possibly via our website.

2. I am in talks with the BBC (Songs of Praise) who plan to record a service on Sunday August 16th and hope that part of the programme will feature contributions from our FEPOWs. Please watch for details on our website