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Names on display in the FEPOW Building

Keith Andrews
January 4, 2018

A new projector has recently been installed in the FEPOW Building giving a brighter and clearer image of the names displayed.

However, since we have carried out corrections to the information that was in the database, and added a number of names that were found to be missing, there have been issues when doing a name search.

It has been crashing the system, and sadly on Remembrance Sunday it was not working at all, which cause distress to those searching for their relative.

The original database without the corrections and additions has now be reinstalled and the name search was working when I tested it on November 22nd. I will check it out again when I am there on the 26th.

The database with the corrections and additions has been removed and is being worked on by the software company to see just what is causing the problem.

It is thought that the additions are the cause of the issue.

They will test a database with just corrections, and if that works test it again with the additions too, and get that to work.

Please bear with us during this period, we hope to get a full database with the corrections and additions up and running as quickly as we can.

An update will be posted on the website when we have more information.