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Singapore War Crimes Trials Project

Lim Jia Yi
January 1, 2022

Our Singapore-based research project focuses on the post-WWII British war crimes trials of the Japanese, and seeks to provide interested researchers with historical information on these trials. The first phase of our project, which seeks to provide key legal details on the 131 British war crimes trials held in Singapore, is live on our website at The trials covered Japanese war crimes committed in South and Southeast Asia, including the POW camps along the Siam-Burma Railway.

We are currently researching our second phase, which seeks to tell the stories of the people involved in these trials, whether as prosecution, defendant, judge, witness, victim, or simply as audience members. We have received a few emails from UK-based family members of people who have been involved (two as victims of a war crime, the other as a prosecutor), and are preparing to share their stories on our site. We have shared stories of other participants on our site at

If you or any family members would like to contribute to this project please send your stories to