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Hakodate Camp - Hokkaido - Japan

Unloading coal & fish boats

Back Row - Buckland (London), Parish (Surrey), Thorton (Gloucester), Stavers (Java NEI), Hooper (Texas USA), Coles (Australia), Cudd (S. Carolina USA), Kurly (Dorset)

Fourth Row - McFadgen (Scotland), Oliver (Wales), McLochlan (London), Richardson (Newcastle), Hatton (Dorset), Lark (London), O'Conner (Birmingham), Hall (London), Wright (Missouri USA), O'Donnell (Chicago USA), Vocca (Chicago USA), Bradshaw (?)

Third Row - Shipton (Hythe), Mallett (Norfolk), Laird (Detroit USA), Collins (Hastings), Hughes (Liverpool), Evans (Barrow), Derbyshire (Manchester), Doppert (Java NEI), Wassermann (Chicago USA), Stewart (Doncaster), Conrey (Iowa USA), Green (Basingstoke), Mathey (New York USA)

Second Row - McCartney (Gretna Green), Jefferies (Birmingham), Cissons (Leeds), Hoskins (Croydon), Evans (S Wales), Fisher (Watford), Salley (S Carolina USA), Gibbs (Newcastle), Frey (Arizona USA), Terry (Chicago USA), Knight (Texas USA), Wilson (Fairview USA), Young (San Diego USA), Chavez (New Mexico USA)

Front Row - Conyard (London), Beard (London), Bromfield (Birmingham), Maine (Scotland), Thorpe (Huddersfield), Baker (Texas USA), Hattrick (Liverpool), Anderson (Manchester), Brett (Sussex), Dale (Leicester)