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Anonymous Contribution 2

I was born in 1949 and was raised by my Gthr, who had been in 88th Field Rgmt., at Ipoh, Gurun, Kampar, Kuala Lumpur, Gemas and the battle of Singapore. Next a POW at Changi, then Death Railway. Seven stones when he arrived home aged 34yrs, all teeth had fallen out and completely grey… his wife, a son & a daughter awaiting his home-coming and the only one who recognised him at the front door was the family dog. He was especially generous in nature and very strictly anti-racist, he never mentioned his war experiences apart from giving very brief facts, if asked; and had no objection to Japanese imports etc. On his deathbed, he mentioned his one trip back to Malaya and a young Japanese approaching him showing his Seiko watch saying, “I work for Seiko, it’s the best watch in the world” and his own reply, “Made by the worst people in the world”. How can I join with reconciliation, without decrying the legacy that he simply could not shake-off?