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Yokohama  is Japan's  second biggest  city  after Tokyo and  the Yokohama Hodogaya War Graves Cemetery is situated  about 10  kilometres  to  the  north  of the centre of  the  city.

It  was created  after  the  war  by  the Australian  War  Graves Commission.   It lies  beside a  children's  play  area.  and  is made up of  four sections.   British,  Australian,   Canadian  and New  Zealand  and  the Indians  Forces.  A Cross of Sacrifice stands in  the first three sections

The total  number  of graves  is 1,518  of  which 1013 are British, 278 Australians,137  Canadians and  numerous others.


Omi camp was established on the 12 May 1943:  Established as Tokyo 9B, 23 May 1943: 296 British arrive ex Kyokko Maru, 1 Aug 1943: Renamed 7-D, 14 April 1944 (Approx) - 106 Yanks arrive, August 1945:  Again renamed 13-B, 6 September 1945:  Rescue effected, men sent by train to Yokohama.  The camp housed over 600 hundred men at the end of the war comprising from the 22 May 1943: 296 British, 8 October 1943:  1 American, 29 March 1944: 4 American, 29 April 1944:  100 American. 16 May 1945: 6 American and finally on the 16 May 1945 194 British.  

A view of the British Commonwealth War Graves Cemetery at Hodogaya, Yokohama, Japan photo taken June 2013 by Mr Kengo Kobayashi who works at the cemetery for the War Graves Commission.

Photos were also taken  of the headstones of those British servicemen who died  at OMI Camp. Click on the links below.

Hodogaya war graves: Aldis - Cook

Hodogaya war graves: Crees - Everson

Hodogaya war graves: Ferguson - Hall, A

Hodogaya war graves: Hall, CF - Keggan

Hodogaya war graves: Kelf - McGlone

Hodogaya war graves: McKie - Sanderson

Hodogaya war graves: Simpson - Wollage

Hodogaya war graves: Theobald

Hodogaya war graves: Wright

Details of graves were kindly provided by Cofepow member, Kevin Nicholls