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Taiping  War Cemetery  is on the  western coast of Malaysia  abut 60 miles  south east  of  Penang.

It  is only  one  mile  from  the town of Taiping  and  is  in  two  sections  as  the  road  runs  through  the centre.  It  was created  after  the  end  of  the  war  to  serve  those  who  died in   the  surrounding  battlefields  when  the Japanese  were  defeated.     Numerous  other  graves  were  removed from  various temporary  sites  and  transferred  to  this  permanent  site  after  the  war.

It  is on a flat level  site  with  a  forest  of trees  covering  the  hills  to the  east  and south.

The  total number  of  burials  is 866  and they are marked  with  the  white  upright    headstones.  There are flower  borders  filled  with  colourful shrubs,  gardenia and  scarlet hibiscus.

Both  the  two   separate  sections  have   their  own  entrance  and  one is  the Christian  section.. This  has an  avenue  of  trees   between  the  graves  that  leads  towards  the  Cross of Sacrifice.