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Hell Ships Casualties

Below is a list of Hell Ships from the Far East WW2. On each Hell Ship page is a list of casualties. If you would like to search for a certain name from these lists please use the search engine below.

Lisbon Maru (Full List)

See List →

Suez Maru

See List →

Hofuko (Toyofuko) Maru

On 21st of September 1944 she was sunk by aircraft off Luzon.

See List →

Rakuyo Maru

Torpedoed by USS Sealion on 12 September 1944.

See List →

Lisbon Maru

Over 800 British prisoners lost their lives.

See List →

Kachidoki Maru

On 12th of September 1944 she was torpedoed and sunk by USS Pampanito.

See List →

Junyo Maru

Torpedoed by British submarine on 18 September 1944.

See List →

Harugiku Maru

On 26th of June 1944 she was sunk.

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