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Harugiku Maru

The Harugiku Maru was used for carrying prisoners and troops to Japan. On 26th of June 1944 she was sunk.

In Memory Of Those Lost

ALLEN Fred. Stoker (British)

AMBURY Edward. Teleg (British)

ARNOLD Royston.S. L/Cpl (British)

BAILEY Charles.H. Capt (British)

BAKER Leslie. Pte (British)

BANNISTER Stephen. Stoker (British)

BOYES F. AB (British)

CHRISTOPHER William. Stoker (British)

COX John AB (British)

DESTE Frank. P.O. (British)

DOWN Aubrey.J. LAC (British)

DUNFORD Alfred.J. P.O. (British)

HADOKE Patrick.O.F. Pte (British)

HARVEY John.J. Sgt (British)

HODGES George.B. 2nd Mate (British)

HOGARTH David. Sgt (British)

JONES Kenneth.R. P.O. (British)

KEATS Desmond. Sgt (British)

KERR John.B Engineer (British)

MACCUE Rees. P.O. (British)

MAGGS John.R. Cpl (British)

MANSON Ronald. LAC (British)

MINSHULL John.W. Gnr (British)

MOCK Charles.A. Teleg (British)

MORRIS Walter. CERA (British)

OSBORN Alfred.J. P.O. (British)

PEARCE Anthony.F. P.O. (British)

PICKARD Harold. P.O. (British)

PROTCHARD Richard. AB (British)

RICHARDS William. AC (British)

ROBERTS Raymond.W. P.O. (British)

ROPER James. ERA (British)

RUSSELL Robert.C. Gnr (British)

SAWER Eric.A Lieut (British)

SHANNON George. Gnr (British)

SHAZELL Bernard.H.F. S/Sgt (British)

SLATER Ronald. Sgmn (British)

SMITH Percy.R. Pte (British)

SPARE Reginald Pte (British)

STRELLEY Charles.D.S. Lieut (British)

STUBBS Norman. ERA (British)

TADGELL William.G. Sgt (British)

THISTLEWAITE Richard. AB (British)

TWIDDY Donald.F. Sgt (British)

WHILEY Kenneth. AB (British)

WILLIAMS Robert.W. Lieut (British)

WILLSON John.S. Teleg (British)