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Lisbon Maru

The Lisbon Maru was used for carrying prisoners and troops to Japan. On 1st of October 1942 she was torpedoed and sunk off the coast of China near Shanghai. Over 800 British prisoners lost their lives.

In Memory Of Those Lost

Adam George Currie The Royal Scots 29

Adams William Royal Artillery 34

Adamson Charles Vincent Royal Artillery Gloucester 41

Alexander Adam Glen Royal Artillery Lancaster 29

Alkman Ronald Edward The Middlesex Regt Middlesex 27

Allan Hugh Halmilton The Royal Scots Edinburgh 28

Allanson Kenneth Edward Royal Artillery

Allin Bernard Lester Royal Signals Corps Cambridge 21

Allison Patrict Joseph The Royal Scots Dumfries 24

Allport Albert Edward Royal Artillery Lancashire 40

Anderson John The Royal Scots 30

Anderson John Royal Artillery Belfast 23

Andrew Matthew Beaton The Royal Scots Kincardineshire 26

Andrews Leslie William The Middlesex Regt. Middlesex 23

Archibald Robert M. B. The Royal Scots 27

Archibald William The Royal Scots Joppa Midlothian 30

Arndle Edward Royal Artillery 22

Astill Arthur Royal Artillery Yorkshire 25

Atkinson Edwin Royal Signals Corps 24

Audsley Harold Royal Engineers Yorkshire 29

Austin William Royal Artillery 25

Bache Herbert Henry R.A.M.C. Lancashire 31

Backhurst Alfred Leonard The Middlesex Regt 22

Bader Bernard John Royal Artillery Surrey 25

Bailey Albert William Henry Royal Artillery 27

Bain John Harper The Royal Scots 24

Baker George Sidney The Middlesex Regt 25

Baker John James The Middlesex Regt London 36

Balaam Arthur John Royal Artillery Essex 24

Baldwin William Charles Royal Artillery Middlesex 22

Banks Raymond Royal Artillery 26

Barbour James Munro Royal Engineers Dumfries 26

Barlow William Arthur Royal Artillery Berkshire 28

Barnes Cyril Royal Artillery 22

Barnes John The Royal Scots Scotland 27

Barnes John Royal Artillery Sunderland 25

Barnes Walter The Middlesex Regt 28

Barratt Walter Arthur The Middlesex Regt London 22

Barrett John Charles The Middlesex Regt 25

Baskerville Albert Thomas Royal Artillery 38

Bates Ronald Langley Royal Engineers 41

Bath Ronald Jack The Middlesex Regt Middlesex 26

Baxter James Philip Royal Artillery London 24

Beaton James Thom Royal Artillery Scotland 24

Beesley Norman Royal Engineers Birmingham 22

Bell David Bowie The Royal Scots 31

Bennett John The Middlesex Regt London 23

Bennett Leonard Charles The Middlesex Regt Middlesex 35

Bennison William Royal Artillery 23

Berry Ralph Royal Artillery Essex 35

Berry Thomas Malcolm The Royal Scots Durham 26

Black Andrew Christe The Royal Scots 26

Black George Royal Artillery 38

Blackman Albert Lionel V Royal Engineers 29

Boag John Law Royal Engineers 30

Bond James William The Middlesex Regt Essex 37

Bowditch Alfred Edward Royal Artillery Middlesex 33

Bowey George Henry The Middlesex Regt London 27

Boyce Samuel John Royal Artillery 40

Boyle Thomas John The Royal Scots 23

Bradford Alfred Thomas The Middlesex Regt 27

Bremner William Royal Artillery Scotland 26

Brennan Michael Royal Engineer 26

Brockley Wilfred Army Dental Corps Cheshire 29

Brooks Sidney Royal Artillery Worcestershire 24

Brotherston A Dockyard Defence Cor 42

Bryant Willie The Middlesex Regt London 26

Bull Walter The Middlesex Regt Essex 37

Bumley Fred Royal Artillery Surrey 40

Burdett Kenneth Royal Artillery 26

Burgess Frederick Royal Artillery Manchester 24

Burnell Robert James Royal Artillery 23

Burnett Alexander Buchan The Royal Scots 32

Burnett Peter The Royal Scots Scotland 25

Burns Evan Owen Royal Artillery Liverpool 24

Burns Thomas McDermid The Royal Scots Scotland 25

Burrows Frank Royal Artillery 26

Burrows Vernon Howard Royal Artillery Staffordshire 28

Butler Thomas Royal Artillery

Butler Walter William Royal Artillery Sheffield 29

Campbell Clifford Herbert The Middlesex Regt Middlesex 23

Campbell James The Royal Scots Scotland 34

Campbell Norman N The Royal Scots Scotland 26

Carley John Royal Artillery Newchurch  Ross 38

Carpenter Maurice Royal Engineers 27

Carrell George Thomas The Middlesex Regt Essex 27

Carrington William The Royal Scots 27

Carter John Ernest Royal Engineers 26

Carter Leslie John Royal Artillery Essex 23

Cartwright Leslie George ***** Essex 26

Caseley Frank Royal Artillery 34

Caslake Edwin Reginald The Middlesex Regt 32

Chalgrave Frank The Middlesex Regt 19

Chalmers Alexander The Royal Scots Scotland 25

Chapman Douglas Vernon The Middlesex Regt Kent 24

Charles Douglas Amos The Middlesex Regt Middlesex 23

Charles Sidney Royal Engineers 42

Charlton Rennison The Royal Scots Durham 25

Chick Henry The Middlesex Regt London 25

Childs Thomas Bernard Royal Artillery Shropshire 23

Chown George Henry Royal Artillery London 34

Christian Charles Harold Royal Artillery 24

Christie George Alexander The Royal Scots 28

Clapperton Robert The Royal Scots Scotland 27

Clark James The Royal Scots 29

Clark William The Middlesex Regt Middlesex 30

Clarke Charles Arthur The Middlesex Regt London 26

Clarke John Henry The Middlesex Regt 28

Clayton Samuel Royal Artillery Lincolnshire 23

Cleggett Albert Ernest Royal Signals Corps Kent 26

Clifford George Frederick The Middlesex Regt Hertfordshire 30

Clogy George Alfred Royal Artillery London 23

Cockburn Richard Royal Artillery Durham 26

Cole Frederick William Royal Artillery

Coleman Patrick The Royal Scots Scotland 28

Colthorpe Wilfred Royal Artillery Yorkshire 33

Combe Alexander Hunter E The Royal Scots Scotland 26

Commerford John The Middlesex Regt Middlesex 27

Coneghan James The Royal Scots 26

Connolly John Patrick G The Middlesex Regt 30

Cook Henry The Royal Scots Scotland 31

Cook James The Royal Scots Scotland 28

Cook Peter Harold Royal Signal Corps Cambridgeshire 25

Cooke James Leslie Cyril Royal Engineers 26

Cooke John Patrick The Middlesex Regt Irish Republic 25

Cooke Leonard Royal Artillery 27

Cooper Albert Edward The Middlesex Regt Middlesex 28

Cooper George William Royal Engineers 29

Copping Henry George The Middlesex Regt Monmouthshire 25

Cornwall Andrew The Royal Scots Scotland 22

Couch Henry Royal Artillery 22

Cousins George John Frec Royal Artillery London 36

Craddock Thomas George Royal Artillery Wales 24

Crawley Frederick William Royal Signals Corps Middlesex 23

Creed Frederick William Royal Artillery 24

Crichton George The Royal Scots Scotland 26

Critten den Albert Stanley Royal Engineers Sussex 27

Cross William Albert Royal Artillery Chester 27

Crowley Patrick Joseph The Middlesex Regt Irish Republic 34

Cuell William Tom Royal Artillery Surrey 47

Culpeck Francis Henry The Middlesex Regt London 27

Curtis LLewellyn Royal Artillery 28

Dainty George Henry Royal Artillery 23

Dair Robert Francis Royal Artillery 47

Daly Joseph Hunter The Royal Scots Scotland 22

Dannan Stephen John Royal Signals Corps 29

Davis Donald Edward Royal Engineers 27

Davis Harold Raymond Royal Engineers Stoke-on- Trent 33

Davis John Peter Richard The Middlesex Regt 25

Davis Joseph William Royal Artillery Birmingham 27

Dawes James The Middlesex Regt 29

Dawson George Royal Engineers 35

Day Harry Royal Engineers Kent 35

Delderfield Geoffrey Albert Royal Artillery Hertfordshire 25

Denyer George Royal Engineers Surrey 27

Dickson George Jackson The Royal Scots 25

Dixon Norman Royal Artillery Yorkshire 25

Doane Ernest Royal Artillery Cheshire 29

Dochard John Royal Artillery 26

Donnelly John The Royal Scots Scotland 27

Dooley Clifford Vincent Royal Artillery Nottingham 23

Drew Wilfred Royal Artillery 25

Duddridge Richard Henry Dockyard Defence Cor Kent 28

Dune George Brown The Royal Scots 28

Dunlop George The Royal Scots 26

Durose Robert James Royal Artillery Irish Republic 40

Dutch Cecil Henry Francis Royal Artillery Wiltshire 38

Eaton George The Middlesex Regt 27

Edge Leonard The Royal Scots London 22

Edwards James T. L. N. Royal Artillery Norwich 25

Egan John The Royal Scots 25

Ellard Cecil Royal Artillery 25

Elley Harold Edward Royal Artillery Yorkshire 28

Elliott Frederick Alexande The Middlesex Regt 27

Ellis Ernest The Royal Scots 26

Embleton William The Royal Scots 28

Embling James Albert Royal Engineers Gloucestershire 27

Evans Douglas Charles Royal Artillery Swansea 24

Everett Leslie Charles Royal Artillery 22

Eves John Charles Royal Artillery Wales 21

Fairbairn Alexander David The Royal Scots Scotland 23

Ferrie Gordon Royal Signals Corps Scotland 27

Fidler Edward Dixon Royal Artillery 29

Findlay Edward The RoyaL Scots 29

Fish lock Ernest Alfred J. Royal Engineers 28

Fisher Joseph Royal Artillery Lancashire 24

Flinter Edwin Stuart Royal Artillery Dorset 41

Foley Andrew The Middlesex Regt 27

Ford George The Royal Scots 29

Ford Sidney Royal Artillery Gibraltar 39

Forster Arnold William Royal Engineers Lancashire 23

Foss John George Royal Artillery Durham 22

Foster Edward Sinclair Royal Engineers 25

Fox Henry Royal Signal Corps 24

Franklin John Wilfred Royal Artillery 25

French Walter Leonard The Middlesex Regt Middlesex 27

Frenchum Frank Ernest The Middlesex Regt Hertfordshire 24

Fry William Francis Royal Engineers Sussex 23

Fuicher CecLi Eric Royal Artillery 21

Fullagar Thomas Royal Artillery 26

Fullerton Thomas The Royal Scots Scotland 28

Fyffe Neil The Royal Scots Scotland 28

Gadd George Richard Royal Artillery 26

Gailev Leonard Henry Royal Artillery 22

Gale Edward George Royal Signal Corps Wales 24

Gale John Frederick T. The Middlesex Regt Middesex 26

Gallagher Joseph Brendin Royal Artillery Irish Republic 25

Gardiner George The Royal Scots Scotland 27

Gardner Andrew Pollock The Royal Scots Scotland 25

Garth Patrick The Royal Scots Lancashire 23

Gentry Frederick James The Middlesex Regt Middlesex 29

George Alfred William Royal Artillery 24

Gibson Frederick William The Middlesex Regt London 30

Gibson Hugh The Royal Scots 27

Gibson Richard The Royal Scots Scotland 27

Gill Norman Henry Royal Artillery Devon 22

Glister Montague Henry Royal Artillery Middlesex 31

Glover Herbert Edwin The Middlesex Regt 27

Godfrey Alfred Trevor Royal Artillery Surrey 30

Godson Austin The Royal Scots Scotland 38

Goff James Henry Royal Engineers Hampshire 28

Goldie Charles The Royal Scots Scotland 28

Goodman Albert The Middlesex Regt 27

Gordon Ian Frances The Middlesex Regt London 27

Gorman James Thomas Royal Signal Corps 34

Goudie Harold Royal Signal Corps Staffordshire 31

Gould Henry Royal Artillery 36

Gourlay Ian Douglas Royal Engineers Essex 38

Gracey Peter Douglas Royal Signal Corps Devon 27

Grainger James The Royal Scots 27

Grant Denis Royal Engineers 22

Grant Edward The Royal Scots Surrey 26

Gray Christopher Frederic Royal Engineers Wiltshire 22

Gray Frederick Bernard The Middlesex Regt Surrey 24

Green Albert John Royal Artillery 23

Green Ernest Edward Royal Signal Corps Berkshire 34

Green Frederick The Middlesex Regt Middlesex 27

Green Jack Garfield Royal Engineers Cornwall 28

Green William John Royal Artillery 25

Gregory Thomas Henry Royal Engineers Lancashire 23

Greig William The Royal Scots Scotland 27

Grist Victor Charles The Middlesex Regt Middlesex 25

Gubb Percy William Martin The Middlesex Regt Middlesex 26

Guille John Robert Royal Artillery 24

Haines Charles Henry The Middlesex Regt 29

Hall Douglas James Royal Signal Corps 25

Hall Geoffrey  Nathaniel Royal Artillery 23

Hall Reginald Ernest The Middlesex Regt 28

Hall Samuel The Royal Scots Scotland 25

Hall Thomas The Royal Scots 33

Hall Walter Royal Artillery Wales 25

Hall Walter The Middlesex Regt 20

Hamill Thomas The Royal Scots Scotland 28

Hamilton Isaac The Royal Scots Scotland 32

Han ran Thomas Bernard Royal Art;llery 24

Handford John Frederick The Middlesex Regt Middlesex 24

Hanley George Royal Artillery Liverpool 24

Hardington Ronald Royal Artillery 23

Hare Charles The Middlesex Regt Essex 25

Harkinson William John Royal Signal Corps 26

Harper Henry George Royal Artillery 25

Harrigan Francis William Royal Engineers 22

Harris Charles Richard The Middlesex Regt 26

Hart Robert The Royal Scots Scotland 26

Harvey Cyril The Middlesex Regt 30

Harvey Cyril Royal Artillery 22

Harvey James The Royal Scots 28

Hatcheft Percy John The Middlesex Regt 39

Hatfield Charles Henry The Middlesex Regt Essex 30

Hatton Thomas Royal Artillery Yorkshire 23

Havercroft Samuel The Royal Scots 29

Hawkins Joseph Edward Royal Engineers Middlesex 29

Hawkins William Henry Royal Artillery Kent 22

Haynes Narold George Royal Engineers Worcester 26

Hayward Walter Alfred The Middlesex Regt 34

Headley William Arthur Royal Artillery Wales

Hemmingfield Arthur Royal Artillery Yorkshire 23

Henderson David The Royal Scots 35

Henderson Francis The Royal Scots 36

Henderson Lancelot Royal Artillery Scotland 27

Heslop James Royal Artillery Northumberland 23

Hewer Edward Henry John Royal Signal Corps 25

Hewitt Frank Royal Artillery Yorkshire 22

Hewson Thomas James Royal Artillery 26

Hickman Oscar Royal Artillery Staffordshire 24

Hildred Reginald John Royal Artillery London 24

Hill Ernest Royal Artillery Yorkshire 27

Hiscock Albert Roy Royal Artillery 26

Hitchin Henry Alfred Royal Artillery 26

Hodge John Henry Royal Signal Corps London 23

Hodge Walter Resolution G Royal Signal Corps Portsmouth 43

Hodkinson Kenneth T. The Royal Scots Cheshire 22

Hogan William Royal Artillery Liverpool 22

Hooley Reginald Royal Artillery Lancashire 33

Hope Arthur The Middlesex Regt 34

Hormburb John Sydney W. Royal Engineers Buckinghamshire 27

Horner Georga Borham Royal Artillery 25

Houghton Frantis John The Middlesex Regt 29

Howarth John F. Royal Artillery 35

Hughes William The Royal Scots 29

Husband Edwin Royal Signal Corps Cornwall 33

Hutchison William The Royal Scots Scotland 31

Iies Arthur Henry The Middlesex Regt Bristol 26

Irving Malcolm The Royal Scots 20

Isaac Harry Royal Artillery 25

Jackson Albert James The Middlesex Regt Middlesex 27

Jackson George Allborn A. The Royal Scots 27

James James Ivor The Middlesex Regt 29

Jeffrey Andrew Buchan The Royal Scots 24

Jenkins Charles The Royal Scots 27

Jenkins Ernest The Royal Scots 27

Jennings Albert George The Middlesex Regt Hertfordshire 23

Jinks Henry Royal Artillery 23

Johns Denzil Royal Artillery Staffordshire 41

Johnson Arthur James Royal Artillery Portsmouth 20

Johnson Oliver Royal Artillery Durham 24

Johnson Wilfred James Royal Engineers Yorkshire 20

Johnston James The Royal Scots Scotland 28

Johnston Robert James The Royal Scots 26

Jones Thomas David The Middlesex Regt London 28

Jordan-Bowditch Horace J. Royal Signal Corps 22

Joslin Henry John The Middlesex Regt 30

Kehoe Edward Michael Royal Engineers Portsmouth

Kelly Maurice The Royal Scots Scotland 29

Kennedy Albert Royal Engineers Yorkshire 29

Kennedy John Alexander The Royal Scots Scotland 29

Kenny Michael Royal Artillery 27

Kerruish John Alfred Royal Artillery 23

Kimber James Royal Artillery Cheshire 22

Kimpton William Ernert Royal Engineers London 23

Kinnard William Henry Royal Artillery 25

Kirby Alfred The Royal Scots Yorkshire 27

Lake Alexander Sidney Royal Engineers 21

Lane Francis Edward Royal Artillery Stoke-on-Trent 27

Lane John Hugh Royal Artillery 26

Langdell Stanley The Middlesex Regt Middlesex 22

Langridge Walter Thomas Royal Artillery Sussex 24

Lanib Peter McDonald The Royal Scots 30

Law Reginald The Middlesex Regt Middlesex 22

Lawlor William John The Middlesex Regt Irish Republic 23

Leigh Thomas Richard Royal Artillery Middlesex 23

Lewis Arthur Royal Signal Corps 25

Lewis Ertiest Royal Artillery Isle of Man 26

Limacher Frank Oliver Royal Artillery Devon 25

Linklater Arthur The Royal Scots 30

Linton George The Royal Scots 24

Linton James Frederick Royal Artillery Devon 22

Littlefield Frederick The Middlesex Regt Wales 28

Livesey Albert Charles Royal Artillery Liverpool 24

Lochrie George Sutherland The Royal Scots Scotland 27

Logan Sydnel The Royal Scots Scotland 21

Love Noel John Royal Artillery Yorkshire 22

lszard George The Middlesex Regt London 24

Lyon George Royal Artillery Yorkshire 23

MacDonald Thomas Royal Signal Corps Scotland

Mace Frank Edward Royal Artillery 23

Mace Harry Leslie Royal Artillery 22

Macey Frank Leslie The Middlesex Regt Middlesex 23

Mackay William The Royal Scots Scotland 30

Manders Thomas George Royal Engineers Birmingham 25

Marsh William Thomas Royal Artillery 25

Marshall Henry Gibson The Royal Scots Scotland 27

Marshall Thomas The Royal Scots Scotland 34

Mason William Alfred Royal Artillery Sussex 24

Maynard James Alfred The Middlesex Regt 27

McAndrews George Royal Engineers Durham 34

McBride Alexander David Royal Artillery London 25

McCallum William The Royal Scots 26

McCormack Bernard Royal Artillery London 25

McCullock William The Royal Scots 41

McDermott Cornelius The Royal Scots 29

McDermott James Royal Artillery Liverpool 24

McDermott Lawrence Royal Artillery 36

McElroy John Royal Artillery 24

McEneaney James Royal Signal Corps Scotland

McGillivray James The Royal Scots Scotland

McGivney John Royal Artillery 27

McHugh Bernard The Royal Scots Manchester 24

Mckinlay Robert The Royal Scots 27

McLean Andrew Montague The Royal Scots 26

MclLwraith Wilfred Arthur Royal Engineers 24

McMeechan Hugh Mcintosh The Royal Scots Scotland 24

McPherson Charles Donald The Royal Scots Scotland 31

McSherry Peter The Royal Scots 34

Mead James Charles The Royal Scots London 29

Medley Lloyd Charles Royal Artillery Yorkshire 29

Melbourne Frank Edward The Middlesex Regt London 23

Mendelson Arthur Leonard The Middlesex Regt Kent 30

Metcalfe Thomas Arthur The Middlesex Regt Manchester 35

Miller Donald The Royal Scots Lancashire 34

Minchin Arthur Filix Royal Artillery Berkshire 24

Mitchell Maurice Royal Engineers Kent 31

Morgan Trevor Kenneth Royal Signal Corps 31

Mose George A. Royal Artillery Hampshire

Moxham Henry Richard Royal Engineers Hampshire 23

Murphy Thomas The Middlesex Regt 28

Murray John Stuart The Middlesex Regt 29

Murray William The Royal Scots Scotland 31

Murrell Arthur Robert The Middlesex Regt 23

Musto Stanley Arthur Royal Artillery 37

Ncwington Richard T. J. Royal Engineers Warwickshire 26

Nellist James Royal Artillery Durham 24

Newman Thomas Harry Royal Engineers Hampshire 25

Newnham Bertrwn Charles Royal Signal Corps 25

Newton Percy Alfred The Middlesex Regt

Norman Alfred William Royal Artillery 34

North Albert James ScotsSI9IW t~OQS Wiltshire 23

North Frederick Ernest The Middlesex Regt Hertfordshire 29

O'Connell Jeremiah Royal Artillery 22

O'Connor Michael Oliver The Royal Scots Scotland 22

O'Rourke Thomas The Royal Scots Scotland 25

Oakley Thomas Ernest Royal Artillery Yorkshire 32

Officer, Maj. John Moore

Ormiston John Mitchell The Royal Scots Scotland 23

Oswald Ronald George The Middlesex Regt Middlesex 26

Owen Glyn Royal Artillery 24

Owen Gordon John Royal Artillery 30

Pacey Arthur The Middlesex Regt London 25

Page Charles Albert Royal Signal Corps Essex 33

Page William Cecil Royal Artillery Sussex 26

Palmer Joseph Benjnmin P The Middlesex Regt Middlesex 27

Panting Hugh Eric R. The Middlesex Regt 27

Pape George William The Middlesex Regt 26

Parker Raymond John The Middlesex Regt 26

Parsons Arthur John Royal Signals Corps 26

Paterson Henry The Royal Scots Scotland 25

Payne Arthur Royal Artillery Coventry 27

Payne Terence Robert The Middlesex Regt London 22

Pearce Raymond John C. The Middlesex Regt Middlesex 26

Pearson Alfred The Middlesex Regt 28

Pearson Harry Royal Signal Corps Durham 36

Peffers Adam The Royal Scots 31

Pelhan Harold Alfred G. The Middlesex Regt Middlesex 30

Pembroke William Henry Royal Artillery 26

Pennick Reginald Joseph The Middlesex Regt Middlesex 26

Penny Richard Arthur The Middlesex Regt 22

Pepper Frank Crookes Royal Engineers Yorkshire 24

Perry Donald Charles Royal Engineers 25

Philipson John Beaver Royal Artillery Kent 24

Phillips Edward John The Middlesex. Regt 22

Phillips Reginald Ernest The Royal Scots 24

Pickston Leslie Royal Signals Corps Lancashire 30

Plummer William Arthur Royal Artillery Buckinghamshire 27

Pollock James The Royal Scots 30

Pope Donald Charles Royal Engineers Sussex 25

Potter John Henry Royal Signal Corps Hampshire 24

Potter John Thomas Royal Artillery Durham 25

Potter Robert Royal Artillery 33

Powell William John The Royal Scots 23

Pressley Harvey Royal Artillery Nottinghamshire 31

Priest Henry Herbert Arthur Royal Artillery 33

Priestley George Royal Artillery Bristol 22

Pring Mark Edward The Middlesex Regt 26

Pritchard Janes Royal Artillery 33

Probert Sidney Charles G. The Middlesex Regt 27

Pullar James Royal Artillery Scotland 26

Rainey Eric Royal Engineers 27

Rainsford Henry Charles Royal Artillery 23

Ramage Humphrey George Royal Engineers 32

Ramsey James Robert The Middlesex Regt Essex 37

Ramsey John Fitcter The Royal Scots 25

Rankin Thomas Royal Artillery London 38

Raper William George Royal Artillery Yorkshire 31

Ratcliffe Norman Ernest Royal Engineers Derbyshire 31

Rawlings Frank Royal Artillery Essex 39

Redfern George Stanley Royal Signal Corps 30

Reed George William Royal Artillery Yorkshire 22

Rees Leonard Frederick Royal Artillery Plymouth 34

Reeve Sidney Arthur Royal Engineers Leicester 33

Richards Frederick William R.A.M.C.

Richards Robert William The Royal Scots Scotland 34

Richards Stanley John Royal Artillery Yorkshire 34

Riches Jack Ernest The Middlesex Regt London 32

Richmond Robert Henry Royal Engineers York 28

Ricketts GeorgeRaymond Royal Artillery 25

Ridden Donald The Middlesex Regt 29

Ritchings Thomas Royal Artillery Warwickshire 22

Roberts Alfred Henry Royal Artillery Scotland 25

Roberts Charles Arthur Royal Engineers 26

Roberts Leonard The Middlesex Regt Middlesex 26

Robertson Albert Thomas The Middlesex Regt 26

Robertson Mornington The Royal Scots Scotland 28

Robertson Peter Ian N. Royal Signal Corps 25

Robinson John Royal Artillery Lanceshire 22

Robinson Joseph Royal Signal Corps Lincolnshire 33

Robinson Percy Albert G. Royal Engineers Essex 22

Rogers Ernesr James W. Royal Artillery 24

Rogers John Francis Royal Signal Corps Yorkshire 45

Rogers William Royal Engineers Australia 22

Rompen George The Royal Scots Durham 29

Ross John Connacher The Royal Scots 22

Round Walter Thomas Royal Artillery Worcestershire 23

Rule Albert The Middlesex Regt 27

Rule Charles Frederick The Middlesex Regt 25

Russell Alexander The Royal Scots Scotland 26

Russell Robert The Middlesex Regt 26

Russell Thomas Royal Artillery Middlesex 42

Samuels Christopher The Middlesex Regt 27

Sansum Harry The Middlesex Regt 36

Sayce Thomas Royal Artillery 25

Schorsch Robert The Middlesex Regt 23

Scott Alexander The Royal Scots

Scott Arthur Reginald G. Royal Engineers Dorsetshire 24

Scott Donald The Royal Scots 28

Scott Frank Douglas Royal Artillery Kent 24

Scott Robert Ferrie The Royal Scots Scotland 27

Scully John Patrick Royal Signal Corps 28

Seager Albert Ernest Royal Artillery 25

Searle Henry George Royal Artillery Lancashire 39

Selwood George William Royal Artillery 33

Sharp Duncan Royal Artillery Scotand 21

Sharrock Harnold Maynard The Royal Scots Cornwall 26

Shepherd George Royal Artillery 37

Shepherd Thomas William Royal Signal Corps 28

Shipp Cecil Edward Royal Engineers 36

Shirlaw George Fitness Royal Artillery London 33

Short Leslie Charles The Middlesex Regt Cornwall 27

Simmons Edward Walter Royal Engineers 23

Simpson Matthew Allen Royal Artillery Durham 32

Simpson Thomas The Middlosex Regt Lancashire 28

Sinclair Frederick Leonard The Middlesex Regt 30

Singleton Thomas Royal Engineers 34

Skinner John The Royal Scots Scotland 26

Smalley Frank The Middlesex Regt 29

Smith Ernest Alexander The Middlesex Regt 29

Smith Frederick William Royal Artillery 24

Smith John Royal Artillery 26

Smith John Brazier Royal Artillery 23

Smith Leslie Frank Royal Engineers 24

Smith Leslie lvor Royal Artillery Wales 25

Smith Matthew The Royal Scots Scotland 31

Smith Patrick The Royal Scots 39

Spall Arthur Ernest The Middlesex Regt 25

Spare Dermot Royal Signal Corps Yorkshire 23

Sparkes John Charles Royal Artillery Berkshire 25

Spence John Frederick Royal Engineers Isle of Wight 27

Spencer Geoffrey William Royal Engineers Middlesex 23

Spencer Reginald Charles Royal Engineers Hampshire 24

Spiers George Edward The Middlesex Regt 23

Standford Frederick Samuel The Royal Scots Essex 40

Stanners Adam Ramsey The Royal Scots Scotland 27

Steele William Ernest The Middlesex Regt London 22

Stemp Reginald Stanley Royal Artillery Middlesex 33

Stewart Forbes The Royal Scots

Stewart William The Middlesex Regt 24

Stewart William Gallagher The Royal Scots Scotland 28

Stickley Thomas The Middlesex Regt 34

Stobbart John Douglas Royal Artillery 23

Stocker James Lawrence Royal Artillery Shropshire 24

Stone George Frederick R. Royal Artillery 24

Stot James Black Royal Signal Corps 30

Sturdy Patrick Joseph The Middlesex Regt Middlesex 28

Suggitt Robert Royal Signal Corps Durham 33

Sumner William Royal Artillery Lincolnshire 29

Tait Alexander The Middlesex Regt 28

Tait Robert The Royal Scots Scotland 22

Talks Vernon Royal Signal Corps 28

Tarner John Norman The Middlesex Regt Suffolk 34

Taylor Alec The Middlesex Regt Middlesex 21

Taylor Gerald Francis Army Dental Corps Lancashire 30

Taylor Norman Royal Artiller Scotland 21

Thackeray Samuel Robert Royal Artillery 28

Thomas Alfred Llewellyn Royal Engineers 26

Thomas Cyril The Middlesex Regt Wales 27

Thomas David Royal Artillery Wales 23

Thomas Edwin Royal Artillery Chester 24

Thomas Jack The Middlesex Regt 30

Thomas Jack Henry The Middlesex Regt Middlesex 26

Thompson Andrew The Royal Scots 23

Thompson Frederick John Royal Artillery Essex 21

Thompson William Royal Engineers Irish Republic 33

Thomson Alexander The Royal Scots Scotland 23

Thomson David Haston The Royal Scots 35

Thorn Ronald Alfred Royal Engineers 21

Thrush James Waters Royal Artillery Somerset 34

Tivey Richard John The Middlesex Regt Essex 26

Tomlinson John Brarnley Royal Signal Corps Nottinghamshire 27

Tooley Michael Royal Artillery 41

Townsend George Royal Artillery 23

Trinder George The Royal Scots 38

Tucker Joseph Henry The Middlesex Regt Wales 25

Tunmer William Arthur The Middlesex Regt 28

Turnbull James Royal Engineers 25

Turner Frank Royal Engineers Stoke on Trent 23

Twomey Wilfred Roy Royal Engineers Isle of Wight 24

Upton Edward George H. Royal Engineers Hampshire 29

Valentine Roland Edward The Middlesex Regt Middlesex 23

Vallance George William E The Middlesex Regt Australia 37

Waddington Wilfred Gibson Royal Artillery 26

Wakefield Joseph William The Royal Scots 23

Walker Frederick Charles The Middlesex Regt 31

Walker Leighton William C The Royal Scots Sussex

Walker William The Royal Scots Surrey 29

Wallace Warner Royal Artillery Scotland 24

Walters John The Royal Scots Wales 29

Warburton John Royal Artillery Lancashire 23

Ward B. M. Royal Artillery 26

Warder Alexander Charles Royal Artillery Hampshire 31

Warren Chrishopher Royal Signal Corps Hampshire 23

Waters Robert Edward The Middlesex Regt London 27

Wathen Walter Norman Royal Signal Corps Hampshire 36

Watkins John Patrick The Middlesex Regt 24

Weaver John Douglas Haig The Middlesex Regt 26

Webster Allan The Middlesex Regt 24

Webster George Royal Artillery Pembrookeshire 30

Weeks Douglas Reginald Royal Signal Corps 25

Wellington Richard Henry Royal Artillery 49

Wells William George Royal Artillery 36

Welsh James Blaney The Royal Scots Scotland 25

Weston John William Royal Engineers Staffordshire 37

Whelen William Royal Engineers Hampshire 31

White Robert The Royal Scots Scoland 24

Whitefield Charles Arthur Royal Signal Corps Hampshire 31

Whitehead Arthur Frederick Royal Artillery 36

Whitehouse Herbert The Middlesex Regt 32

Whitham James Percival The Middlesex Regt

Wigzell Wallace Frank Royal Signal Corps Dorsetshire 43

Williams Frederick lvor Royal Artillery 24

Williams Ronald Frederick Royal Artillery 22

Williams Thomas Alun Royal Engineers Wales 27

Williamson James The Royal Scots 27

Willis Francis Royal Signal Corps Dover 25

Wilson Arthur Stanley Royal Artillery Durham 23

Wilson Charles Edward The Royal Scots Scotland 33

Wilson William Eric Royal Artillery Essex 39

Withington Henry Royal Artillery Staffordshire 38

Witty Herbert Charles The Middlesex Regt Sussex 22

Wood Lawrence Archer The Middlesex Regt 32

Wooldridge Edward Royal Artillery Derbyshire 26

Woollcott Edgar Joseph Royal Engineers 25

Woolley Bertram The Middlesex Regt Kent 27

Woolwright Alfred The Royal Scots Nottinghamshire 27

Wordley Ernest George R.A.M.C. Surrey 30

WylieWilliam The Royal Scots 35

Yeoman Herbert George Royal Artillery 25