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Kachidoki Maru

The Kachidoki Maru was used for carrying prisoners and troops to Japan. On 12th of September 1944 she was torpedoed and sunk by USS Pampanito. 244 lost - 656 survived.

In Memory Of Those Lost

A.EDWARD 2535231 Cpl (British)

ADAMS G.A.R. 1110371 Pte (British)

ADCOCK HERBERT 5772198 Cpl (British)

ADDINGTON W.EDWARD 1873985 Pte (British)

ALNUTT F.GEORGE 5833498 Pte (British)

ALSTON JAMES BROWN 2984051 Sgt (British)

AMER ROBERT W. 901373 L/Cpl (British)

AMYS JOHN WILLIAM 5774188 Pte (British)

ANDERSON G.VICTOR 1872456 Pte (British)

ANGELL JOHN 2090358 Pte (British)

ANSETT W.GEORGE 2323443 Pte (British)

ARNOTT F.JOHN T/7876031 Pte (British)

ARTER WILLIAM SYDNEY 2038812 Pte (British)

ATKINSON EDWIN 3859753 Pte (British)

ATKINSON THOMAS 1603414 Pte (British)

BACK W.F.Z. 2824954 Pte (British)

BAKER DENNIS 10714194 Sgt (British)

BAKER WILLIAM 5830861 Pte (British)

BALDWIN HENRY BERT 2013604 Pte (British)

BALL ARTHUR 941919 Pte (British)

BALL J.WILLIAM 946124 Sgt (British)

BAMBY WILFRED 842520 Pte (British)

BAMFORD ROBERT 2350143 Pte (British)

BANKS CORDON 3597372 Pte (British)

BANKS T. 1629455 Pte (British)

BANKS WALTER 1427472 Pte (British)

BARLOW FRED 851185 Sgt (British)

BARNARD H.R. 819379 Sgt (British)

BARNES ERNEST. HAROLD 5776827 Pte (British)

BARNES F. 874686 Pte (British)

BARNES THOMAS 5995507 Pte (British)

BARNETT JACK 4865719 Pte (British)

BARNETT NORMAN JOSEPH T/177882 L/Cpl (British)

BARTLETT L. ROBERT 865754 S/Sgt (British)

BASTON R.GEORGE 943422 L/Cpl (British)

BATEMAN H.FREDERICK 5933522 Pte (British)

BATES HAROLD HARRY 5776633 Pte (British)

BATTER W.ALLWOOD 781576 Sgt (British)

BAXTER H. 846287 Cpl (British)

BELFORD J.PATRICK 826450 Sgt (British)

BENETT A.DENNIS 5933613 Pte (British)

BENTON CYRIL 2088800 Pte (British)

BERRY EDWARD 1729484 L/Cpl (British)

BERRY JAMES THOMAS 75000 Capt (British)

BIGGS EDWARD 5951821 L/Cpl (British)

BIRDSALL S.DALE 551090 F/Sgt (British)

BLACKMAN THOMAS 4858218 Pte (British)

BLAKEY F.T. 2049365 Pte (British)

BOWLER ROBERT 4984638 Pte (British)

BOWMAN D.FRANK 4858615 Pte (British)

BOWMER L.RONALD 1987225 L/Cpl (British)

BRIGHTON GORDON.G 850783 Sgt (British)

BROADLEY RONALD 1456707 Pte (British)

BROMPTONJ.WILLIAM 840334 Sgt (British)

BROOKS T. 1629514 Pte (British)

BROUGHTON R. 1717361 Pte (British)

BROWN EDMOND 856352 Pvt (British)

BROWN GEORGE WILLIAM 2610433 L/Cpl (British)

BROWN J.EDWARD 2351225 Pte (British)

BRUCKMAN H.EDWIN 6141461 Pte (British)

BRUSHETT MERTON 1894355 Pte (British)

BUCKLEY CLEMENT 801133 Pte (British)

BURCH CYRIL 4978113 Pte (British)

BURNETT JAMES 2874727 Sgt (British)

BURNS ROBERT 791861 Pte (British)

BURROUGHS GEORGE 5831168 Pte (British)

BUSH JAMES JOHN 5951971 Pte (British)

BUTTERWORTH KEN 1786841 Pte (British)

BYATT H.ARCHIBALD 5836249 Pte (British)

CADDY J.A. 1709706 Pte (British)

CADMAN REGINALD 1085742 Pte (British)

CANE JOHN ERNEST 7624732 Sgt (British)

CAPP OLIVER NORMAN 980542 Pte (British)

CARBERY JOHN 6040 Pte (British)

CARR RICHARD 5781777 Pte (British)

CARTER J.V. 2056840 Pte (British)

CARTER ROBERT.V 4691737 Pte (British)

CELES JOSEH 4951396 Pte (British)

CHALMERS HARRY 2876941 Pte (British)

CHESSMAN WILLIAM 4859689 L/Cpl (British)

CHRISTIE WILLIAM 2876314 L/Cpl (British)

CLARK H.ROBERT 1427549 Pte (British)

CLARK REGINOLD 5951193 L/Cpl (British)

CLARKE FRED T/125458 Sgt (British)

CLARKE HENRY. WILLIAM T/142245 Pte (British)

CLEARY MAURICE S.P. 6140983 S/Sgt (British)

CLUCAS STANLEY 10731920 Pte (British)

COCKBURN MALCOLM 979500 Pte (British)

COCKIE EDMOND 2877266 L/Cpl (British)

COLE EPHRAIM 5956609 Pte (British)

COLHOUN RICHARD 819047 Pte (British)

COLLIER J.HOWARD 4274935 Pte (British)

CONDON DENIS 926807 Pte (British)

CONLAN CHARLES 3310147 Sgt (British)

CONROY JAMES 1545455 Pte (British)

COOK L. 1603234 Pte (British)

COOPER ANGUS 1510879 Pte (British)

CORLESS F.JAMES 801494 Pte (British)

CRABBE R.JOHN 1094180 Pte (British)

CRADDOCK J.EDWIN 1892467 Sgt (British)

CRAWLEY LlOYD GEORGE 5951123 Pte (British)

CROSS JOHN 872149 Pte (British)

CROWDER W.EDWIN 851135 Cpl (British)

CROWEN HAROLD 2320201 Pte (British)

CURTIS HENRY 1877652 L/Cpl (British)

DALE ALFRED T/182779 Pte (British)

DALTON J.JASPER 1087633 Pte (British)

DANIELS J.FREDERICK 10556812 Pte (British)

DARBY H.S.J. 6144875 Pte (British)

DAVIES EDWIN T/168429 Pte (British)

DAVIES JOSEPH 7690413 L/Cpl (British)

DENGATE JOHN 1869211 Pte (British)

DENNIS HENRY 1729073 Pte (British)

DENT DESMOND 853538 L/Cpl (British)

DICKENSON ALEXANDER 3854774 L/Cpl (British)

DIGGINS DOUGLAS 5775390 Pte (British)

DOBSON G.M. 1629464 Pte (British)

DONACHIE E.C. 511663 Pte (British)

DORIAN W. CHARLES 7635620 Sgt (British)

DOWER JOHN 7647171 Pte (British)

DOWNING EDGAR.W 1803929 Pte (British)

DOYLE G. 1629465 Pte (British)

DRAKE DOUGLAS 984350 Pte (British)

DUNBAR HAROLD 1426798 Cpl (British)

DURRAND R. LESLIE 5795606 Pte (British)

DYER CHARLES HENRY 828358 W/Off (British)

EDGELL THOMAS 4278397 Pte (British)

ELDER ALLAN GREY 2876877 Pte (British)

ELEMONT STANLEY. E T/255670 Pte (British)

ELLIS SAMUEL LEONARD 4912782 Cpl (British)

ELWICK F.GEORGE 2579302 Sgt (British)

EVANS HAROLD 2581797 Pte (British)

FAIRMAN BASIL 5989739 Pte (British)

FARLEY D. 17613526 Pte (British)

FARMER JOHN. CHARLES 4620573 Pte (British)

FARNELL ROBERT T/270540 Pte (British)

FELDMAN LOUIS 1577716 Pte (British)

FESSETT WILLIAM T/61379 Sgt (British)

FINDLAY J.R. 2357144 Pte (British)

FINE ELI T/48439 Pte (British)

FISHER DONALD 5933486 Pte (British)

FLINT GEORGE.V 950227 Cpl (British)

FORD M.T. 1607466 Pte (British)

FOSTER OSCAR 797474 L/Cpl (British)

FOULKES KENNETH 828643 Sgt (British)

FOWLER J.CHARLES 2335796 Pte (British)

FOX RICHARD CHARLES 1608256 Pte (British)

FRACK W.ALFRED 2090332 Pte (British)

GARDENER JOHN THOMAS 5949707 L/Cpl (British)

GARDNER JOHN WILLIAM 1123013 Pte (British)

GATHERCOLE WILFRED 5827519 Pte (British)

GIBB CHARLES 2876265 Pte (British)

GIBBINS STANLEY 4862860 Pte (British)

GIBSON J.BAMBOROUGH 1923252 Pte (British)

GILL JAMES S. 1603431 Pte (British)

GOBLE HENRY JAMES. T 6138142 Pte (British)

GORTON PETER 6194849 Sgt (British)

GOSS LESLIE T/103530 L/Cpl (British)

GREEN R.JOHN 7637158 L/Cpl (British)

GREGORY F. 827092 Cpl (British)

GRIEVE ARTHUR T/175591 Pte (British)

GRIEVE SIDNEY 2876495 Pte (British)

GRIMLEY JOHN 1108629 Pte (British)

GROOM CYRIL WILLIAM 5780852 Pte (British)

HALE F.GEORGE 5951764 Pte (British)

HALL W.GEORGE 1796106 L/Cpl (British)

HAMER GEORGE 3855376 Sgt (British)

HAMILTON GEORGE H. A. S/ 5345352 Pte (British)

HANSON JOHN 946170 Pte (British)

HARDING RAYMOND 1872855 Cpl (British)


HARDY F.ERNEST 333160 Pte (British)

HAYS F.JOHN 839216 Pte (British)

HEATON G.ROBERT 2571649 Pte (British)

HENNEY H.WILLIAM 914836 Pte (British)

HERRING H. 822509 L/Cpl (British)

HEWITT THOMAS 1644063 Pte (British)

HEWITT WILLIAM FRANK 5956989 Pte (British)

HIGHAM JAMES 5124411 Pte (British)

HILL SIDNEY GEORGE 1643289 Pte (British)

HILL WILLIAM HENRY 872717 Cpl (British)

HILLMAN A.JAMES 10567436 Pte (British)

HINSLEN J.T. 1467422 Cpl (British)

HOGG GRAHAM SCOTT 1113467 Pte (British)

HOGG T.JAMES 4268899 Pte (British)

HOLLAND PERCY LEONARD 5933265 Sgt (British)

HOLMES T.EDWARD 5776737 L/Cpl (British)

HOLT JOHN WILLIAM 1104277 Pte (British)

HOOPER F.THOMAS 5774413 Sgt (British)

HORNE D.EDWIN 873278 Sgt (British)

HORSEFIELD SYDNEY 2348772 Pte (British)

HORTON A. 1709680 Pte (British)

HOWARD P.ARTHUR 6018796 Pte (British)

HOWELL G. 1427116 Pte (British)

HOWLING G.BERNARD 5773909 Pte (British)

HUMPHRIES PETER 1426945 Pte (British)

HUNT J.GORDON 1108425 Pte (British)

HUNTER SIDNEY 7629930 Pte (British)

HUNTON WALTER JAMES 5780559 Pte (British)

HYDE R.CHARLES 862144 Cpl (British)

INGLES ALEX 7593833 Pte (British)

IRWIN ART LESLIE 1123139 Pte (British)

IZZARD CECIL 5949582 Pte (British)

JACKSON HENRY 5953093 Pte (British)

JACKSON JOHN 905032 Pte (British)

JARVIS HARRY 2128766 Pte (British)

JOHN THOMAS WILMOTT 1089358 Pte (British)

JOHNS A.PIERCE 909510 Pte (British)

JOHNSON DENNIS H. 908615 Sgt (British)

JONES JOHN 3854972 Pte (British)

JONES MENON WYNN 2333667 Pte (British)

JONSON A. 3855393 Pte (British)

JOYCE A.ERNEST T/163123 Sgt (British)

JOYCE ALAN B. 900180 Pte (British)

JUGGINS SIDNEY 839317 Pte (British)

KAMPTON JAMES ALFRED 1874826 Pte (British)

KELEWAY A.WILLIAM S/92359 L/Cpl (British)

KITCHEN ERIC 1469142 Pte (British)

KNOOT R.A.JOHN 912994 Pte (British)

KNOWLES SAMUEL 4278712 Pte (British)

KYRIACOU ELIAES 1075710 Pte (British)

LACEY F.JAMES 4750859 Pte (British)


LANGLEY HORACE JOHN 5933676 Pte (British)

LARNEY JOHN WILLIAM 2651344 Pvt (British)

LAW HAROLD JOHN 913912 Sgt (British)

LAWRENCE R.A. 1099785 Pte (British)

LAWTON ASHLEY 1782791 Pte (British)

LEA JOHN 1115657 Pte (British)

LERWILL LESLIE 1613530 Pte (British)

LETT ALBERT AUGUSTINE 2217764 Sgt (British)

LIDDLE J.GEORGE 1108341 Pte (British)

LOCK RALPH.D 5775614 L/Cpl (British)

LOMAS ALFRED 843801 Sgt (British)

LOVE HENRY 5776744 Pte (British)

LOWE FRANK 1810590 Pte (British)

LOWE GEORGE 921315 L/Cpl (British)

LOWE SYDNEY 1810596 Pte (British)

LOWN CLIFFORD WILLIAM 822525 Cpl (British)

LYON JOHN 2987551 Pte (British)

MacARTHUR JAMES 1518178 Pte (British)

MACASKILL ANGUS 4977347 Pte (British)

MacDOWALL E.BARD 2359660 L/Cpl (British)

MAPLESDEN V.JOSEPH 7538056 Pte (British)

MARRIS J. 851195 Cpl (British)

MARSDEN WILLIAM.E 4978050 Pte (British)

MASON A.RUSHWORTH 990354 Pte (British)


MATTHEWS J.JACK 7528640 Pte (British)

MAWSON ARNOLD 895411 Pte (British)

MAY LESLEY FRANCIS 5440 Pte (British)

Mc GLENNON JAMES 912217 Pte (British)

McCREW D.JOHN 2130530 Pte (British)

McGOVERN JAMES 1517252 Pte (British)

McLEAN JAMES 872445 Pte (British)

McNIVEN JOHN L/Cpl (British)

MENGHAM ARTHUR F 1457107 Pte (British)

MERRIMAN FRANCIS 872010 Pte (British)

MILK GEORGE EDWARD 2077949 Sgt (British)

MILLER EDWARD 1119448 Pte (British)

MITCHELL A.JAMES 146590 Pte (British)

MITCHELL GEORGE 1115573 Pte (British)

MITCHELL GEORGE 2876385 Pte (British)

MOLE HENRY 5933503 Pte (British)

MOOR R. 842575 Cpl (British)

MORGAN K.WILLIAM T/ 142835 Pte (British)

MORRIS E.JOHN 1427316 Pte (British)

MORRIS HARRY 1493884 Pte (British)

MORRIS J.SAPH 1103604 Pte (British)

MORRISON CHARLES 2879155 Pte (British)

MORRISON W. 1427308 L/Cpl (British)

MOUNTAIN PETER 7611259 W/Off (British)

MUMFORD SIDNEY 5822243 Pte (British)

MURPHY JAMES 579304 Pte (British)

MURRAY ROBERT 1874335 Pte (British)

MURRAY T.JAMES 637823 LAC (British)

NELSON KENNETH 968761 Cpl (British)

NEWLAND E.T. 826388 Sgt (British)

NEWMAN F.WILLIAM 6405401 Pte (British)

NEWMAN O.GILBERT 2009982 Pte (British)

NEWMAN SIDNEY 6028683 Pte (British)

NICOL WILLIAM 2130415 Pte (British)

NORTON T.R. 1615728 Pte (British)

NOWELL L. 1376833 Pte (British)

NOWELL RONALD 1872165 Pte (British)

O`BRIEN WILLIAM C. 2078637 Pte (British)

OGDEN J.CLIFFORD 7608831 Sgt (British)

ORMEROD RICHARD 834824 Pte (British)

PARHAM LESLIE HAROLD 990363 Pte (British)

PARKER WILLIAM 3857151 Pte (British)


PARKINSON GEORGE 2364836 Pte (British)

PARR ARTHUR WILLIAM 1910839 Pte (British)

PARRY VICTOR 1605180 Pte (British)

PATMORE PERCY 1055483 W/Off (British)

PEARCE G.HAROLD 7636390 Pte (British)

PHIMISTER G.GORDON 788596 L/Cpl (British)

PITT HAROLD ERNEST 822766 Pte (British)

POLL JAMES 4275293 Pte (British)

POLLINGTON F.CLAUDE 4981264 Pte (British)

POTTER ERNEST 845249 Pte (British)

POTTER F.J. 824915 Sgt (British)

POULTON J.WILLIAM 5881408 Pte (British)

PRETLOVE T.JAMES 794485 Sgt (British)

PRICE G.RILEY 2036272 Pte (British)

PRYKE HARRY ROBERT 1890845 Pte (British)

RADLEY HAROLD 3856636 Pte (British)

RAMSEY THOMAS 850364 Bdr (British)

RANDALL FRANK 1893584 L/Cpl (British)

RATCLIFFE JAMES 181065 Pte (British)

REDMAN M.JAMES 1869221 L/Cpl (British)

REDMOND PETER T/197910 Pte (British)

REILLY JOSEPH S/266753 Cpl (British)

RENDALL R. 5568967 Pte (British)

RENDLE HAROLD G 999417 Pte (British)

RENNIE C.HENRY 7598459 Pte (British)

RENY EDWARD 180672 Pte (British)

RICE RICHARD 4274031 Pte (British)

RINGER WALTER E. 942246 Pte (British)

RITONS LEONALD NORMAN 2361572 Pte (British)

ROBERTS JACK 1873422 L/Cpl (British)

ROBERTSON G.WALTER S/ 7668531 Pte (British)

ROBERTSON JOHN S/24452 Pte (British)

ROBINS W.FREDERICK 1098348 Pte (British)

ROBINSON F.DONALD 2591866 Pte (British)

ROWLAND T.JOSEPH.H 2003061 Pte (British)


ROWLES M.CAMERON 146047 Sgt (British)

ROYLE R. 1709736 Pte (British)

SAINES ARTHUR.F. 7619211 Pte (British)

SANDERSON JAMES 4975770 Pte (British)

SAUNDERS R.CHARLES 1776800 Pte (British)

SAUNDERS WILLIAM.C 5572129 L/Cpl (British)


SCOTT CLIFFORD 1874122 Pte (British)

SCOTT J.H. 1489680 Pte (British)

SCUDDER LEONARD 4983730 Pte (British)

SEABY ALBERT 1564248 L/Cpl (British)

SEEKER WALTER EDWARD 2046145 Sgt (British)

SHAW A. 1676108 Pte (British)

SHAW JAMES 1629597 Pte (British)

SHAW WILLIAM E. 981677 L/Cpl (British)

SHEWARD GEORGE HAROLD 2012913 Pte (British)

SIMPER A.JOHN 582725 Pte (British)

SIMPSON HENRY 1525859 Pte (British)

SIMPSON ROBERT 834572 L/Cpl (British)

SIMPSON WILLIAM 896547 Pte (British)

SIZER A. 1686223 Pte (British)

SMALLE R.GEORGE 944649 Sgt (British)

SMEATON JOHN 4275766 Cpl (British)

SMITH ERIC THOMAS 3392 T/Cpl (British)

SMITH W.THOMAS 2325771 Pte (British)

SMYTH W.J. 7719305 L/Cpl (British)

STEELE ARTHUR 872598 Pte (British)


STEWART DONALD 886227 Pte (British)

STEWART JOHN 2880733 Pte (British)

STILL FRANK NORMAN 2071046 Pte (British)

STIMPSON A.HENRY 6021031 Pte (British)

STUART WALTER 4756198 Pte (British)

SWEETING STUART 4279387 Pte (British)

TALLON F.FRANCIS 1874081 Pte (British)

TANN DOUGLAS 1873321 Pte (British)

TAYLOR JAMES 7577142 Pte (British)

TAYLOR RONALD 5950343 Pte (British)

TEAL GEORGE T/4344400 Cpl (British)

TEDDER F.WALTER F. 1112123 Pte (British)

THETFORD J.WESLEY 2068016 Pte (British)

THOMAS H.A. 1709702 Pte (British)

THOMPSON JOHN SMITH 890928 Pte (British)

THOMPSON RICHARD 3855682 Pte (British)

TIDD GEORGE 4859933 Pte (British)

TWIDDY N.EANLEY 5771655 W/Off (British)

TYSON HENRY T/221840 Cpl (British)

Unknown 4273542 Pte (British)

Unknown 2037138 Pte (British)

Unknown 5121571 Pte (British)

Unknown S/3319606 Pte (British)

Unknown 1869248 Cpl (British)

Unknown T/13040750 Pte (British)

Unknown S/872722 Pte (British)

Unknown PLX/942 (British)

Unknown PLX/3103 (British)

Unknown 2582098 (British)

Unknown 1800894 (British)

Unknown 840419 (British)

Unknown 1874147 (British)

Unknown 1572920 (British)

Unknown 1873846 (British)

Unknown T/3854594 (British)

Unknown T/5953013 (British)

Unknown T/215837 (British)

Unknown T/215836 (British)

Unknown T/244246 (British)

Unknown T/229939 (British)

Unknown T/275211 (British)

Unknown T/182525 (British)

Unknown 841625 (British)

Unknown 1571720 (British)

Unknown 1874263 (British)

Unknown 1874855 (British)

Unknown 1880690 (British)

Unknown 1866889 (British)


VAUGHAN HAROLD 891729 Pte (British)

WADE ERNEST 5570275 Pte (British)

WADE R.JOSEPH 5346830 Pte (British)

WALDEGRAVE JACK 2582739 Pte (British)

WALKER H.JOSEPH 4756225 Pte (British)

WALSH W.ARTHUR 2368964 Pte (British)

WALSH WILLIAM.H 1629568 Pte (British)

WARINGTON HAROLD 5946061 S/Sgt (British)

WATCHAN A.WILLIAM 5827809 Pte (British)

WATERS W.J. 1643490 Pte (British)

WEBB CYRIL 5831250 Pte (British)

WENZERUL EDWARD 962443 Pte (British)

WESTON JACK 486387 L/Cpl (British)

WHEELER PETER 850918 L/Cpl (British)

WIGHORN T.EDWARD T/279368 Pte (British)

WILLETS GEORGE 1892360 Pte (British)

WILLIAMS C.JAMES 1872782 Pte (British)

WILLIAMS HARRY 962468 L/Cpl (British)

WILLIAMS THOMAS 1922860 Pte (British)

WILLIAMSON L.GEORGE 5835303 Pte (British)

WINSTANLEY J.EDMOND 5955679 Pte (British)

WITHERSTONE EDWARD 1709552 Pte (British)

WITTY RICHARD T/276404 Pte (British)

WOOD DONALD ARTHUR 2366421 Pte (British)

WOOD GILBERT T/168448 Pte (British)

WOOD THOMAS 1709554 Pte (British)

WOODGATE E.ARTHUR 4756267 Pte (British)

WOODHEAD F. 1676933 Pte (British)

WORTH R.WILLITT 9108514 Pte (British)

WRIGHT REGINALD 2017831 Pte (British)

WRIGHT WILLIAM. E 4620750 Pte (British)