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Rakuyo Maru

Torpedoed by USS Sealion on 12 September 1944. 1005 lost - 259 survived.

In Memory Of Those Lost

ABSON J.W Pte 5950963 (British)

ALDEN V. Pte 2366657 (British)

ALLAN G.F. Capt 158562 (British)

ALLBURG A.G. Pte 915449 (British)

ALLEN JOSEPH. Pte 2356248 (British)

ALLMAN W.J. Pte 1572544 (British)

ANDERSON C. L/Cpl 5949038 (British)

ANGUS H.S. Pte 25266 (British)

ANNING A.G. Pte T/175193 (British)

ARMSTRONG C.J. Pte 1106836 (British)

ARMSTRONG H.B. Pte 1082000 (British)

ASHFORD J.C. Pte 1112993 (British)

ASHWORTH N. Gnr 982862 (British)

BAGNELL J. Pte 4974519 (British)

BAILEY K. Pte 918241 (British)

BAKER V.P. Pte 13545 (British)

BALDWIN G. Pte 5952591 (British)

BALES A.W. Pte 5827078 (British)

BALL J. Pte 868473 (British)

BAMBRIDGE L.J. Pte 5950132 (British)

BANNER S.E. Pte 1094134 (British)

BARKER H.J. Pte 5774196 (British)

BARKER W. Pte 4975655 (British)

BARNETT W. Pte 1105042 (British)

BARR J. Pte 1084097 (British)

BARR S. Pte 11055871 (British)

BARRON J.J. L/Cpl 853790 (British)

BAVISTER J. Pte 916646 (British)

BAYLEY A.A. Pte 4756030 (British)

BELL R.L. Pte 5932549 (British)

BELL T.A. Gnr 946517 (British)

BENNETT G. Pte 861804 (British)

BENNETT J. Pte T/160652 (British)

BENNETT W. Pte 872364 (British)

BENSLEY W.H. Pte 4127854 (British)

BETTISON W.A. Pte 870128 (British)

BETTS C.W. Pte 4976711 (British)

BIGLEY J.H. Sgt 4968259 (British)

BINGHAM A. Pte 941923 (British)

BIRCH E. Pte 1426708 (British)

BISHOP R.V. Pte 943508 (British)

BLACK D. Pte 4267620 (British)

BLAKEMAN L. Gnr 911876 (British)

BLONDELL T.V. Sgt 863936 (British)

BONARIOUS A.A. Pte 1090863 (British)

BOOTH E. Pte 4133284 (British)

BORSBERRY A.J. Pte 1493642 (British)

BOSWELL D.G. Sgt 42793903 (British)

BOWLER F.G. Pte 2041209 (British)

BOWLEY T.A.L. Sgt 819980 (British)

BRANDON R.K.  Pte 7650104 (British)

BRAY W. Pte 863978 (British)

BRIDGES T.E. Pte 4978644 (British)

BRIERLEY T.B. Pte 850235 (British)

BRITTAIN W.C. Pte 5832935 (British)

BROADHURST J.H. Pte 4978690 (British)

BRODIE W.J. L/Cpl 4620521 (British)

BRONSON J.N. Pte 2325001 (British)

BROOM J. Pte 4979459 (British)

BROWN H. Pte 2874874 (British)

BROWNBRIDGE H.G. Pte 4278538 (British)

BRUNGER A.S. Pte 1099014 (British)

BUCHANAN C. Pte 3312672 (British)

BURD H.L. Cpl 900698 (British)

BURKE H. Pte 4978121 (British)

BUSSEY A.G. L/Cpl 5832504 (British)

BUTTERWORTH J.A. Pte 4132875 (British)

CAIRNS G. Pte 1066629 (British)

CAMPBELL J. Pte 2884170 (British)

CARR T.S. Pte 853661 (British)

CARSLEY G. Pte 4127738 (British)

CARTER F. Pte T/812905 (British)

CARTER G.H. Gnr 948846 (British)

CARTER J.D.H. Pte 5950867 (British)

CARTER W. Pte 1818271 (British)

CARTWRIGHT R. Sgt 847177 (British)

CARTWRIGHT R.A. Pte 910108 (British)

CASTELETTE A.H. Pte 4978366 (British)

CASTRO R. Cpl 902473 (British)

CENCIT A.P.A. Pte 5675308 (British)

CHALKELY H.F. Sgt 921540 (British)

CHANDLER J.H. Pte 1107565 (British)

CHAPMAN C.A. Pte 5836250 (British)

CHAPMAN E.P. Pte 923048 (British)

CHAPMAN V.R. Pte 923479 (British)

CHARLESON O. Pte 4275800 (British)

CHARLTON T. Pte 4278380 (British)

CHEW G.L. Pte 943421 (British)

CHEWINS B. Cpl 872107 (British)

CHITTY A.W. L/Cpl 2358015 (British)

CLARKSON C. Sgt 793969 (British)

CLEMENTS J.G. Pte 1438759 (British)

COCKBURN F.W. Pte 5950050 (British)

COCKWILL P. Pte 1786945 (British)

CODRINGTON G.A. Pte 1103289 (British)

COLE C.F. Pte 4756058 (British)

COLE R.B. Pte 587258 (British)

COLE W.H. Pte 5952616 (British)

COLLINS G.E. Pte 5825484 (British)

COLLINS T. Pte 1096657 (British)

CONNORS F. Pte 853116 (British)

CONSTABLE R.W.G. L/Cpl 900318 (British)

COOK A.L. Pte 868600 (British)

COOK G. Pte 860633 (British)

COOMBES C.W. Pte T/168726 (British)

COSTELLO S. Pte 1103020 (British)

COTTON H. Pte 6028728 (British)

COWIE A. Pte 2875884 (British)

CRABTREE J. Pte 863401 (British)

CRAWLEY A.Pte Pte 917299 (British)

CRAWLEY F. Pte 5952518 (British)

CRAXFORD W.G. Pte 5951977 (British)

CRAY W. Pte 1787132 (British)

CRESSWELL D. Pte 943439 (British)

CROCKER N.C. Cpl 2033616 (British)

CRONIN F. Pte 4982764 (British)

CROOKS A. Pte 7446797 (British)

CROSBIE M.S.S. Pte 13850 (British)

CROSS A.E. Pte 5950980 (British)

CULLY T. Pte 850145 (British)

CURR S.J. Pte 4756068 (British)

DACRE W. Sgt 3592842 (British)

DAVEY F.W. Pte 908523 (British)

DAVIES S. Pte 1605289 (British)

DAVIS G. Pte 4976592 (British)

DAVIS K.I. W/Off 1064841 (British)

DAVIS S. Pte 4978085 (British)

DAY S.J. L/Cpl 6020742 (British)

DEES J.B. Pte 4274961 (British)

DEIGHTON J. Pte 6028812 (British)

DENNISON R.H. Sgt 871353 (British)

DICKIN A. Pte 1098216 (British)

DODGE S.C. Pte 4975813 (British)

DONAVON P.J. Pte 5956041 (British)

DONKIN F. Gnr 925899 (British)

DONNELLY J. Pte 1108626 (British)

DOWNIE H.H. Pte T/85423 (British)

DOY R.H. L/Cpl 2589735 (British)

DRAPER R.J. Pte 948866 (British)

DREWRY C.S. Pte 1119521 (British)

DUCKWORTH A. Pte 1469836 (British)

EAST F.G. L/Cpl 13012 (British)

EAST H. Pte 4620568 (British)

EASTAFF F. Pte 5832569 (British)

EASTER F. Sgt 1892407 (British)

EDEN G. Pte 3859227 (British)

EDGE T.W. Cpl 4974747 (British)

ELEY J.F. Pte 923904 (British)

ELLIS E. Pte 7629220 (British)

ELLIS S.F. L/Cpl 2035085 (British)

ELWELL F.K. Pte 2359056 (British)

EMMETT W.H.R. Pte 862267 (British)

EVANS A.S.W. Pte 1116344 (British)

EVANS W.J. Pte 1457931 (British)

EVERITT W.J. Pte 1104272 (British)

FAIRHEAD A.W. Sgt 5826435 (British)

FERGUSON F. Pte 3307962 (British)

FIELDEN T.H. L/Cpl 1098218 (British)

FIELDHOUSE E. Pte 872495 (British)

FISH N.D. Pte 5828737 (British)

FITCH L.R Pte 5888113 (British)

FLANER W. Pte 5569720 (British)

FLINT W. Gnr 1113953 (British)

FLOYD J.E. Pte 5955645 (British)

FOSSEY S. Sgt 912186 (British)

FOSTER R. Pte 3865414 (British)

FOX F. Pte 894779 (British)

FOYER G.F. Pte 924354 (British)

FRANCES W.H. Pte 4132903 (British)

FROMSON T.M. Pte 4274908 (British)

FULLER A.C. Pte 879065 (British)

FULLER H. Pte 5956270 (British)

FULLER W. Cpl 1427178 (British)

FYFE G. Pte 1076038 (British)

GARDENER S.W. Cpl 781481 (British)

GARDINER G.H. Pte 13498 (British)

GEORGE T.H. Sgt 802702 (British)

GETZELES A. Pte 1087781 (British)

GIESE J.G. Pte 1577720 (British)

GOLDING J. Pte 7618331 (British)

GOLDING R. Pte 4756093 (British)

GOODALL H. Pte 4978131 (British)

GOULD G. Cpl 7635854 (British)

GRAGG W. Pte 6013855 (British)

GRAHAM E.D. Pte 13810 (British)

GRAHAM J. Pte 5933905 (British)

GRANGE A.H. Pte 847799 (British)

GRANGE W.J. Pte 910644 (British)

GRANHAM H.H.W. W/O 4971163 (British)

GRAY E.E. Pte 1438605 (British)

GRAY R. Cpl 5950488 (British)

GREEN C. Cpl 5958352 (British)

GREEN G. Pte 5106169 (British)

GREN G.F. Pte 4756098 (British)

GRICE C. Pte 1115636 (British)

GRICE I.V. Pte 4978112 (British)

GROOM S. Pte 918237 (British)

GUY G. Sgt 828963 (British)

GUYVER J. Pte 6021117 (British)

HALFHIDE C. L/Cpl 4981054 (British)

HALL A.E. Gnr 962445 (British)

HALL G. Pte 4977671 (British)

HALL L. Pte 4983583 (British)

HALL W.G.V. Pte 6023684 (British)

HALLIGAN J. Pte 964404 (British)

HALLIWELL R. Pte 909125 (British)

HAMBLING A.E. Pte 5826572 (British)

HANCOCK S.B. Pte 1064240 (British)

HANDLEY F.E. Gnr 1558015 (British)

HANNIGAN D. Pte 5836230 (British)

HARDIE W. Pte 865374 (British)

HARDING A.H. Gnr 5730227 (British)

HARDY J. Pte 4978070 (British)

HARE C.H. L/Cpl 4619448 (British)

HARGREAVES J. Pte 4977944 (British)

HARPER D.G. Pte 916880 (British)

HARPER K.L. L/Cpl 4750691 (British)

HARRIS J.T. Pte 880580 (British)

HARRISON J. Pte 4815705 (British)

HARRISON W. Pte 977758 (British)

HART J.W. L/Cpl 962453 (British)

HART S.F. Cpl 925369 (British)

HARTLEY J. Pte 3385878 (British)

HARVEY R.A. Pte 5771231 (British)

HATTON R.C. L/Cpl 2075595 (British)

HAWKINS E. Sgt 5826751 (British)

HAYES H. Cpl 4978200 (British)

HAYWARD W.D. Pte 5828919 (British)

HEAP A. Pte 4979934 (British)

HEDGES B.F. Pte 943439 (British)

HEDLEY J. Cpl 5951384 (British)

HENDERSON D. Pte 2895751 (British)

HENNESEY G.T. Cpl 2360772 (British)

HENSON G. Pte 4983292 (British)

HEPHER A.A. Sgt 4756112 (British)

HERRON A. L/Cpl 5830637 (British)

HEWETT V.A. L/Cpl 5830653 (British)

HEWITT C.W. Pte 904257 (British)

HEYWOOD S. Pte 1119413 (British)

HICKMAN E. Pte 941936 (British)

HIGH A.J. Pte 5933146 (British)

HINDLEY H. L/Cpl 908688 (British)

HODKINSON J. Pte 871410 (British)

HOLISFORD R.J. Pte 1558199 (British)

HOLYOAKE E.G. Pte 4976836 (British)

HOOPER G.H. Sgt 808543 (British)

HOPE H. Pte 3855855 (British)

HORNE A. Pte 2077856 (British)

HORNE D.A. Sgt 917317 (British)

HOWELL F. Sgt 4976627 (British)

HOWLAND R.E.A. Pte 1437767 (British)

HUDSON F. Pte 2328944 (British)

HUDSON R.A. Cpl 1092740 (British)

HUGHES E. Pte 4204143 (British)

HUGHES H.J. Pte 868326 (British)

HUGHES J. Pte 1426750 (British)

HUGHES T. L/Cpl 1460840 (British)

HUMPHREY R.A. Pte 917355 (British)

HUMPHREYS S. Pte 996282 (British)

HUNTER H.G. Pte 4273651 (British)

INGHAM J. Cpl 1463205 (British)

INGRAM J.B. Pte 2876257 (British)

JAFFREY R.I. Pte 2876509 (British)

JAMES E. Pte 1117547 (British)

JARRETT H. Pte 2755409 (British)

JASPER J.D. Pte 909973 (British)

JAY C. Pte 1110409 (British)

JEBSON E.E. Pte 4977650 (British)

JOHNSON H.E. Sgt 4857601 (British)

JOHNSON L.S. Cpl 899322 (British)

JONES G. Cpl 4977544 (British)

JONES H. Pte 7648536 (British)

JONES H. Sgt 2323445 (British)

JONES J. Sgt 822452 (British)

KEITH G. Pte 2875889 (British)

KENNEDY F.A. Pte 967514 (British)

KERSHAW J.H. Pte 3858399 (British)

KERSLEY C. Pte 1084923 (British)

KEWELLE. Pte 911887 (British)

KEYS F. Capt 92419 (British)

KIDMAN W. Pte 5830966 (British)

KING D. Pte 4451965 (British)

KINGSNORTH F.W. Sgt 1557742 (British)

KIRKHAM R.McG Pte 1469976 (British)

KNEALE G. Pte 903800 (British)

LABROCK J. Pte 909707 (British)

LACKEY R.J. Pte 845840 (British)

LAGDON H.G. Pte 1577739 (British)

LAIDLAW J.A. L/Cpl 12934 (British)

LAIRD W. Pte 2876378 (British)

LAMBERT L. L/Cpl 885349 (British)

LAMBERT R.S. Pte 5932624 (British)

LANGFORD A.R. Gnr 1108680 (British)

LANGSTEAD I.R. W/Off 802350 (British)

LAVEY G.E. Sgt 3384670 (British)

LAVIN J.W. Sgt 409151 (British)

LAWTON E. Pte 4978705 (British)

LAWTON W. Pte 856617 (British)

LEACH F. Pte 1114311 (British)

LEACH G.H. Cpl 833110 (British)

LEADWITH T.C. Pte 1607473 (British)

LEANEY J.W. Pte 5959900 (British)

LEANEY W.J. Sgt 1422482 (British)

LEAVRICK W.H. Pte 1091985 (British)

LEE A. Pte 4753972 (British)

LEIGHTON W.A. Pte 842476 (British)

LESLIE A.H. Pte 3059101 (British)

LESTER E. Pte 4984590 (British)

LEUTY C. Pte 6020942 (British)

LEWIS P. L/Cpl 1068953 (British)

LEWIS S.C. Pte 882723 (British)

LINDSAY J. Pte 2885144 (British)

LITTEN F. Pte 851681 (British)

LITTLE F.T. Pte 5773498 (British)

LLOYD R. Pte 2364798 (British)

LOWDEN G.M. Pte 896993 (British)

LOWE J.H. Pte 996222 (British)

LYNESS W. Pte 947515 (British)

MACDONALD M. Pte 1805939 (British)

MAGIE H.G. Sgt 4269643 (British)

MAGRILL J.H. Sgt 902520 (British)

MAJOR G.J Pte 955904 (British)

MALAM N. Pte 1115661 (British)

MANDLEY W.A.W. Pte 5184120 (British)

MANDRY D.G. L/Cpl 907146 (British)

MAPLEY J.W. Pte 5856730 (British)

MARSH J. Sgt 2730252 (British)

MARTIN P.R. Pte 5953113 (British)

MAWER R.S. Gnr 7648405 (British)

McAULEY F. Pte 987082 (British)

McCULLY S. L/Cpl 925136 (British)

McDONALD R. L/Cpl 2977740 (British)

McGREGOR J.A. Pte 5949464 (British)

McINTOSH F.C. Pte 996225 (British)

McKIE G.D. Pte 858666 (British)

McLEOD H. Pte 2875021 (British)

McNEILL N.F. Pte 13809 (British)

MILLER R. Pte 1607268 (British)

MILLS R.M. Pte 843734 (British)

MINETT H.E. Pte 955970 (British)

MITCHELL L.A. Pte 895985 (British)

MONAGHAN F.B.M. Pte 958076 (British)

MORGAN W.L. Pte 923106 (British)

MORRIS A.J. Pte 6401465 (British)

MORRIS W.J. Pte 884860 (British)

MORTLOCK A.S. Pte 5932165 (British)

MOULD J.T. Pte 904034 (British)

MOUNT J.T. Pte 872699 (British)

MOUNT R. "Pte" 87091 (British)

MULRENAN M. Pte 955631 (British)

MULROY T.P. Lieut 203861 (British)

MURGATROYD T. Pte 947526 (British)

MURRELL P. Gnr 1114019 (British)

MUSGROVE J. Pte 923004 (British)

NATT W. Sgt 1557833 (British)

NEARY F. Pte 4981461 (British)

NEILL H.F Pte 4984560 (British)

NELSON J. Pte 1787312 (British)

NEWSTEAD J.K. Pte 996280 (British)

NEWTON R. Gnr 946592 (British)

NEWTON S. Pte 6219474 (British)

NICHOLS R. Pte 1427589 (British)

NOBBS A.T. Pte 1115656 (British)

NOLAN J. Sgt 4191376 (British)

NORMAN W.F. Pte 956440 (British)

NORWOOD J. Pte 2369002 (British)

OGDEN A. Pte 1115284 (British)

OHNSON J. Pte 1432144 (British)

OSBORNE A. Pte 5109374 (British)

OSBOURNE L. Pte 6019412 (British)

OUZMAN D.H. Pte 964202 (British)

OVERALL A. Pte 13165 (British)

OWEN B.D. Pte 925383 (British)

OWEN W.E. Pte 6020667 (British)

PADDISON A. Cpl 851012 (British)

PAGET H.J. Pte 1810657 (British)

PALMER L.H.J. Sgt 1065467 (British)

PASSMORE A. Gnr 7629126 (British)

PATERSON W. Pte 890905 (British)

PAYNE I.W. Cpl 900898 (British)

PEARCE E. Pte 4976104 (British)

PEARSON A. Pte 860561 (British)

PERKINS F.W. Pte 5947537 (British)

PERRY C.A. Pte 907794 (British)

PHARAOPH H. Cpl 7639917 (British)

PHILIP H. Sgt 845907 (British)

PHILLIPS F.E. Sgt 5822963 (British)

PHILLIPS T. Pte 1557762 (British)

PICKLES G. Cpl 915538 (British)

PIERCE R. Sgt 806657 (British)

PINCOMBE T.C. Pte 990368 (British)

PLACE C.S. Pte 1577759 (British)

POTTS G. Pte 2330720 (British)

PRICE D.R. Sgt 4190083 (British)

PRINGLE D. Sgt 851043 (British)

PRITCHARD G. Sgt 843181 (British)

PROCTER J.R. Pte 1606950 (British)

RAINE G. Gnr 923031 (British)

RAMSDEN A. Pte 1577775 (British)

RANDALL T.A. Sgt 1057061 (British)

RATTERAY L.C. Cpl 2879031 (British)

RAY F.E. Pte 1094294 (British)

REAKE A. Pte 975663 (British)

REDFEARN S. Pte 2355694 (British)

RICE J.W. Pte 5932777 (British)

RICHARDS K. Gnr 7614558 (British)

RICHARDSON E. Sgt 845257 (British)

RICHES J.R. Pte 817311 (British)

RICK E. Sgt 962455 (British)

RIST E.A. L/Cpl 910646 (British)

ROBERTS F. Pte 497647 (British)

ROBINSON E.A. Cpl 5948397 (British)

ROBINSON J. Sea PLY/X31 95 Navy (British)

ROBINSON J. Pte 872689 (British)

ROBINSON J.E. Pte 4620671 (British)

ROCHESTER A. Pte 5389 (British)

RODWELL A. Pte 4750570 (British)

ROGERS G. Pte 922105 (British)

ROLPH D.F. Pte 5989149 (British)

ROSS D. Pte 2876875 (British)

ROSS S. Pte 2579374 (British)

ROUTLEDGE J. Pte 1615005 (British)

ROWELL J. Pte 800880 (British)

RUDD J. Pte 966543 (British)

RUDD J.J. Sgt 812509 (British)

RYDER V.C. Gnr 1074550 (British)

SAMPSON E.T. L/Cpl 964190 (British)

SAMUEL K. Pte 4983723 (British)

SCOTT T. Sgt 7262038 (British)

SEIMUND E.C. Pte 13833 (British)

SELL F.W. Cpl 5952485 (British)

SENTON I.S. Pte 5827274 (British)

SHARP W.A. Pte 890847 (British)

SHIELS J.A. Pte 3777049 (British)

SIMMONDS H. Pte 4756182 (British)

SIMMONS W. Sgt 921527 (British)

SIMPSON E. Sgt 923114 (British)

SIMPSON S. Pte 11001011 (British)

SINGLETON J.J. Sgt 4190043 (British)

SINNOTT W. Pte 1769647 (British)

SLATER R.G. Sgt 903891 (British)

SMART J. Pte 7603547 (British)

SMETHURST H. Gnr 10552139 (British)

SMITH D. Pte 4278586 (British)

SMITH E.J. L/Cpl 59556377 (British)

SMITH F. Pte 2017809 (British)

SMITH G.A. Pte 809555 (British)

SMITH H. Pte 1686312 (British)

SMITH J. Pte 2876199 (British)

SMITH L.W. L/Cpl 948854 (British)

SMITH S.G. Pte 925146 (British)

SMITH T. Pte 910842 (British)

SMITH W. Pte 850342 (British)

SNEDDON T. Pte 3129125 (British)

SORRELL H. Pte 2351380 (British)

SOUTHGATE E.C.F. Pte 6895661 (British)

SPINKS H.T. Sgt 851606 (British)

SPURGEON P.S. Pte 1104644 (British)

STANLEY L. Cpl 4978258 (British)

STARK B.C.K. Pte 5007 (British)

STARKEY F.J. Pte 2369711 (British)

STARLEY E.G. Pte 947001 (British)

STEPENSON R. Pte 922344 (British)

STEWART A.B. Pte 1577767 (British)

STILES J.T. L/Cpl 4756192 (British)

STILLWELL P. Pte 872342 (British)

STONES W.H. Pte 1115610 (British)

STONE N. Pte 4273854 (British)

STOTEN D.A.H. Pte 925386 (British)

STRACEY G.H. Pte 5107334 (British)

SUMMER A.M. Pte 887115 (British)

TAPSTER F.A. Pte 2331678 (British)

TAYLOR T. Pte 3857126 (British)

TENNANT A. Pte 991620 (British)

THOMAS H.S. L/Cpl 80466 (British)

THOMPSON P. Pte 4978135 (British)

THOMPSON W. Pte 1525944 (British)

TITTERTON E.V. Pte 2116393 (British)

TODD F.F. Pte 1469876 (British)

TOMLINSON F. Pte 5953170 (British)

TOVEY T.E. Pte 2333394 (British)

TRAFFORD G.W. Pte 845925 (British)

TUGWELL A.J. Pte 11001231 (British)

TURNER H.B. Sgt 948851 (British)

TURRELL R.S. Pte 860068 (British)

TYLER F.E. Pte 4977439 (British)

TYLER G. Cpl 5825881 (British)

UNDERHILL K.J. Pte 1810713 (British)

WALKER G. Pte 1103049 (British)

WALKER L. Pte 4976303 (British)

WALTON N. Pte 943448 (British)

WARD G.K.J. Pte 4974795 (British)

WARD J.R.B. Pte 4974987 (British)

WARFIELD F.R. Pte 4756232 (British)

WARNER A.C. Sgt 793125 (British)

WATSON R. Pte 1070222 (British)

WATT R. Pte 11001608 (British)

WATTS R. L/Cpl 11001579 (British)

WAY D. Pte 6028631 (British)

WEATHERHILL W. Pte 13020461 (British)

WEBBLEY R.A. Pte 6142247 (British)

WELHAM R.W. L/Cpl 923013 (British)

WEST E.R. Pte 1613525 (British)

WHEELER M. Pte 840625 (British)

WHILEY S.T. Pte 5830703 (British)

WHITE A.A. Lieut 1470594 (British)

WHITE F.C. Sgt 893256 (British)

WHITE F.J. W/Off 1669584 (British)

WHITEHEAD A.W. Pte 4978035 (British)

WHITEHURST J. Sgt 905756 (British)

WHITEWORTH J. Sgt 825666 (British)

WHITMORE G.R. Pte 1470600 (British)

WILDMAN W. Sgt 825927 (British)

WILES F.E. Pte 5955652 (British)

WILKINS L.J. Cpl 4619598 (British)

WILKS R. Pte 2593309 (British)

WILLIAMS E. Gnr 910837 (British)

WILLIAMS H.T. L/Cpl 923011 (British)

WILLIAMS S. Pte 1492929 (British)

WILLIS C.E. Pte 1557855 (British)

WILLOUGHBY J.C. Pte 13815 (British)

WILSHER T. Pte 5955166 (British)

WILSON E.H. Cpl 798117 (British)

WILSON H. Pte 905586 (British)

WILSON H.F. Pte 4755432 (British)

WILTON A. Sgt 1094119 (British)

WING J.F. Pte 1383091 (British)

WINTER C. Sgt 5826657 (British)

WINTER H.W. Pte 5955682 (British)

WINTERSGILL E.W. Pte 953953 (British)

WOODWARD P.N. L/Cpl 953824 (British)

WORDEN R. L/Cpl 857723 (British)

WORNALD W. Pte 1090016 (British)

WRAY E. Pte 923008 (British)

WYATT A.E. Pte 4756273 (British)

WYLDE R.E. W.Off 917882 (British)

WYLLIE A. Pte 4620951 (British)

ZIMMER M. Pte 1558472 (British)