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1st Bn. West Yorkshire Regiment

Men who were captured in Burma in the 1942 campaign

1. Went with Japanese on March to Thailand

Sgt. J Farrar- Bradford

Sgt. E Montgomery- Bradford

Sgt. F Greer

L/Sgt. A Smeraldo- Sheffield

Cpl. A Bell

Cpl.W Troughton-York

Cpl. A Bailey- Rotherham

L/Cpl. J Godwin- Leicester

L/Cpl. F Alderson- Saltaire

Pte.T Raine- York

Pte.R Finley- York

Pte.T Raine- York

Pte.R Finley- York

Pte.E Clutton- Barnsley

Pte. R Sharpe

Pte.H Pugh- Rotherham

Pte. F Newby-York

Pte. R Giles- Doncaster

Pte. R Green- Leeds

Pte.T Norwood

Pte. E Longden -Mexborough

Pte.T Bull- Leeds

Pte. F Scowby- Doncaster

Pte.T Dailey- Doncaster

Pte.W Taylor- Leeds

Pte C Clarkson- Bradford  

2. Remained Behind

Sgt.W McCabe

Cpl V Farrar

Cpl . Dowd- Redcar

Pte. H Clarkson- Silsden

Pte. W Armstrong

Pte.R Grindle- Mexborough

Pte. L Hough- Sowerby Bridge

Pte.W Thompson- Leeds

Pte. S Smith- Horsforth  

3. Died

Cpl. E Hyndman- Middlesbro’

Pte. H Turner- Leeds

Pte. T Hepple  

Pte. W Ratcliffe- Leeds

Pte. D McConnell- Leeds

Pte. Swift –Leeds

Pte.R Houldsworth- Manchester

Pte. L Scarboro- Leeds

Pte.F Fox