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AUDIO - Eric Richmond Moore recounts his experience in Far East


Eric Richmond Moore

REEL 1 Aspects of period with 75th Signals Regt, 18th Infantry Divisional Signals in Singapore, Malaya, 1/1942-2/1942: background of posting to Singapore, 1941; conditions on arrival in Singapore; loss of divisional equipment; inevitability of Japanese success; surrender procedure. Recollections of period as POW in Changi Camp in Singapore, Malaya, 2/1942-8/1945: journey to camp; degree of contact with Japanese; accommodation and acquisition of bed; sanitary provision; duties in charge of work party clearing aerodrome; Japanese punishment of POWs collecting coconuts on work party; POWs buying food from Singaporeans; rice ration. REEL 2 Continues: execution of failed escapees; Japanese demand for parole during Selarang Square incident, 9/1942; subsequent restrictions on POW freedom of movement; Japanese reaction to Moore’s written warning to POWs; Japanese beating of POWs; aerodrome clearance work; train accident; British interpreter; pace of work; climate and clothing worn; illnesses and lack of medical provision; conditions in camp hospital; grass cutting work; desertion of Japanese guards at end of war, 8/1945. REEL 3 Continues: wood cutting work; war news received from secret radio; camp organisation without senior officers; Japanese treatment of drunken guard; recreational activities; state of POW health; POW footwear and clothing; Japanese appropriation of Red Cross supplies; POW mail; roll call; camp food shortage after liberation, 8/1945; remaining in camp after Japanese surrender; Singaporeans looting of Japanese supplies; contracting malaria on return journey to GB, 9/1945; slow organisation of release from camp; long-term effects of imprisonment.