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Capt. Charles Ewart Escritt

by Tony Escritt

Earlier this week I visited the Arboretum. What an inspiring place and how much I enjoyed the Far East memorial. My father, Ewart Escritt (then Captain) was on the railroad and, happily, returned. I took a look at the records at the back of the memorial but only briefly. They did, I think, record the names of those who both lost their lives as well as those who returned. If I am correct in this then it would be nice to have Dad recorded there. We can provide a suitable image and details. Kind regards, Tony Escritt.

Capt.Ewart ESCRITT - photo taken in June 1940

1946: Arrived in Liverpool on s.s. Orbita; Re-joined Tootal, Broadhurst and Lee in Manchester

1947- 70: Became Secretary of the Oxford University Appointments Board.

1965 - 70: Professorial Fellow of Keble College, Oxford

1970: Retired. Awarded OBE.

1990: Died on 31 October.

2005: Mentioned in “The Colonel of Tamarkan” by Julie Summers (Simon & Schuster UK Ltd).

2013: Translated “Across the Three Pagodas Pass” by Yoshiko Futamatsu (Rennaissance Books) and wrote the Introduction.


Imperial War Museum: Translated numerous Japanese documents relating to the railroad

Maintained his interest in wildlife and spiders in particular.

Played cricket for the Oxford University Emeriti.

Annually produced his acclaimed Christmas lino cuts of Oxford scenes.

Article from The Independent
Article from The Times