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Deceased Effects

Taken from records kept in Changi

(ovl = overland and ovs = overseas)

(1) These effects have been handled by the Bureau as per statement which follows, and the whole of the effects and the register covering them are in a green locker at Camp Office.

(2) A number of articles have been kept in safe custody in the above locker as per list therein.


Brief history of the deceased effects of

(1) personnel who died in the No.1 P.O.W. camp, and of effects of battle casualties received in the Bureau of Record and Enquiry from units;

(2) personnel of `F` and `H` Forces who died on working parties up-country; and

(3) personnel who died in Palembang, Sumatra. The lists are by no means complete as units may have kept their own deceased personnel effects and taken them with them to their destinations (ovl. and ovs. parties, early 1942).


1943 - All deceased personnel effects in No.1 P.O.W. camp handed to the Bureau of Record and Enquiry and registered.

1943 - I .J.A. call for all effects to be listed and sent to them for possible transmission to the Red Cross Society, Japan, for sending to next of kin.

1943 - After many attempts the I.J.A. finally accept parcels as outlined in A/126/8420 of 21.2.44.

1944 - Effects listed under British number B 1 to B 482, checked by an officer of H.Q.M.C. to conform to the detail as ordered by the I.J.A. Not all effects were sent, the officer of H.Q.M.C. deciding which were to be kept (valuables, etc. ).Only 3 or 4 items were allowed by the I.J.A., the remaining articles were numbered with the same number as the parcel sent to the I.J.A. and kept in the B.R.E. with a view to sending home at the end of the war. Monies belonging to the deceased were noted by the camp paymaster and receipts given.

1944 -The N.C.O. employed by the B.R.E. for work on the effects was detailed to assist the I.J.A. in the translation of the particulars of the effects under one I.J.A. soldier named Yanagahara, a Korean clerk. Camps not under the administration of No.1 P.O.W. camp dealt with their own effects through the local administration.

All the remaining effects were listed under the registered number of the B.R.E. register, including `F` and `H` Forces. These effects were not sent to the I.J.A. `Missing` personnel effects were also kept.

Under orders from Camp Office some articles were taken from the effects for use of camp specialists, e. g. spectacles, false teeth, prayer and hymn books, silver for use of dental specialists.

D.Nelson (Capt)

B.R.E. 15.8.1945