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FEPOW Jim Kirkwood's Scrapbook - Hakodate Camp

Steve Kirkwood generously donated some scans from a scrapbook created by his father, Jim Kirkwood, a FEPOW.

Photograph taken at Hacodate camp early 45, Steve has highlighted his Dad Jim Kirkwood

Hakodate Camp Photo taken from Jim Kirkwood's scrapbook. He has the names handwritten at the bottom of the page.

Continuation of the handwritten names from the Hakodate Camp photo above

Names copied from handwriting above

Back row standing L to R

Bob Jordan, Gillie Potter, Chick Fowler, Les Centtirbuck?

2nd row from back L to R

George Vincent, Bert Prior, Stan Mathews, Jim Kirkwood, Smudger Smith, Tony Brown, Joe Readman, Dennis Conatry, Roland Jimeorn, Bob Sechall, Jimmy Crimion, Taylor Anderson, Alan Dean, Bill Chadwick.

3rd row from back L to R

Campbell, Les Simmons, George Booth, Paddy Byrne, Bill Williams, McIntosh Whyte, George Fulcher, Blodie Willet, Fred Rycroft, Les Rush, Harrold Carrington, Reginald Grant, George Beardsley, Aubrey Hallam.

4th row sitting L to R

Luckett, Alexander Growder, Biney, Burt Langsworthy, Thirwell, Bransby, Simmons, L.melton, Dye Moules, Robertson, Mathieson, Williamson, Oscar Wilde, Ginger Smedley, Babcock.

On the ground L to R

Ivor Gale, Pisarzyk, L.Hughes, Nicholson, Attoccunes, Thomas, Pat Wilson North, Taffy Bull, Bill Conver, Bill Welch, Chips Colmore, Ginger Smedley, Babcock.

A copy of another document found in Jim's scrapbook showing a layout of the camp and a death certificate of a POW.

The front page of the 2 documents above explaining how they were found

Once again, thank you very much to Steve Kirkwood for supplying these photos and documents.