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Omine Camp - Japan

Japenes Commandant's Message On Japanese Surrender - August 1945

I am pleased to inform you that we received Military orders for the Stoppage of Warfare on 18 August. Since you were interned in the camp you have, doubtless, had to go through much trouble and agony due to the extension of your stay here as Prisoners of War. But you have overcome them and the news that the day for which you have longed day and night, the day on which you could return to your homeland where your beloved wives, children, parents, brothers and sisters are eagerly awaiting you has become a fact, is probably your supreme joy.

I would like to extend to you my most sincere congratulations but, at the same time, I sympathise most deeply with those who have been unable, due to illness or some other unfortunate reason, to greet this joyous day.

By Order, we, the camp staff, have done all in our power towards your management and protection but, owing to the destitute internal conditions here, we regret that we were unable to do half of what we wanted to do for you but I trust in your great understanding on this point.

Until you are transferred over to Allied hands at a port to be designated later, you will have to wait at this camp. Therefore, I sincerely wish that you will wait quietly for the day when you can return to your homeland, behaving according to camp regulations, holding fast to your pride and honour as people of a great nation and taking care of your health.

Camp CommandantOmine - JapanAugust 1945

Submitted by COFEPOW member Cliff Morris