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Regimental Nominal Rolls

Regimental Nominal Rolls, Malaya Command in WO361 Download

Indian Army Brigades in WO361 Download

Master Rolls - Prisoners of War - Army in WO361 Download

Regimental Nominal Rolls, Master Rolls, and Pilot Rolls at The National Archives, Kew in series reference WO 361. (WO stands for War Office)

Full details may be found on the National Archives website.

Release date: 22nd April 2011.

The Regimental Nominal Rolls were compiled by each Regiment in Changi POW Camp in 1942.

They were compiled in duplicate by the Regiments concerned with the acquiescence of Malaya Command which was still functioning as the administrative authority in the camp.

The rolls were prepared based on the strength of the Unit or Formation as at 8th December 1941.

These records were held by the Bureau of Record and Enquiry, which was initially set up to keep track of movements of POWs to and from Changi.

This list has been prepared using the information in Appendix A of David Nelson’s book “The Story of Changi Singapore”.

Captain David Nelson took over the running of what became known as the B.R.E.

For further information about the B.R.E. in Changi, it is highly recommended that anyone interested should read his book.

Regimental Nominal Rolls, Malaya Command.

This list details all of the Army Formations showing:

The original B.R.E. roll number – important as these roll numbers are used in other reports.

The Pilot Roll each Formation appears in.

The National Archive reference on WO361.

Where there is not a file in WO361, the record has been listed as Not on File.

Where there is a Nil in the Formation column, this is as it appears in David Nelson’s book, the one exception being B.R.E. roll 97 which is noted as Used for Indian Army Personnel at the National Archives, and is included as such in this list.

Roll 97 contains only names of Indian Army Personnel which were in the possession of the B.R.E. on April 6th 1945.

Indian Army Brigades in WO 361.

This list was compiled by the writer to make life a little easier in tracking down particular units within their respective Brigades.

Master Rolls – Prisoners of War – Army in WO361.

Headed as such in David Nelson’s book, they are a mix of titles as reflected in the spreadsheet.

These are very useful as a cross check against information held in the Regimental Nominal Rolls and the Master Rolls.

I hope this information will be of use to other researchers of Far East Prisoners of War.

For such researchers it would be worthwhile exploring the files held in WO 361 at The National Archives, Kew.

Keith Andrews