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SS Reina del Pacifico

Built in 1931 for Pacific Steam Navigation Company. Liverpool-West coast of South America via Panama Canal. Voyage to Valparaiso in 1936 completed in record 25 days.

Troopship Duties -1939-46 These included expedition to, and re-embarkation from Norway - 1940. Trips to Suez via Cape Town. Transportation of the 4th Indian Division from Egypt to Port Sudan for the attack on Ethiopia - Jan 1941. Landing craft added for North African invasion, and transported elements of 1st U.S. Division to Oran assault - Nov 1942. Transported elements of 51st Highland Division to landings at Avola, Sicily - Jul 1943.

Later trips between Britain and Bombay, East Africa, and the Pacific. Most of the 18th Division left Liverpool on this ship in October 1941

(Excerpts from Carol Cooper's father's diary:-Sunday 26th October: Arrived Liverpool approx 6.30 am. Taken to docks. Saw our ship, the "Reina-del-Pacifico". Taken to transit camp for the night. Monday 27th: Back to ship for the day. Loading etc. Wednesday 29th: Stood out in the Mersey all day. Thursday 30th: Set sail approx 8.30. Due North - 4 boats)Repatriation duties - 1946.

Returned to builders for refurbishment - 1947. During sea trials, engine room accident killed 28 personnel - September 1947.

Resumed South American service - 1948-58.

Scrapped in Wales - 1958.