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USS 'Joseph T Dickman'

'Joseph T Dickman' was built as Peninsula State for the USSB in 1921 and 1922. She began transatlantic service for the United States Lines in 1922 and soon afterwards was renamed 'President Pierce'. In August 1922 she was renamed 'President Roosevelt' a name she carried during her many years of passenger service.Taken over by the War Department in October 1940 she was named 'Joseph T Dickman' and converted to a troopship.

In October 1941 she proceeded to Halifax to load British troops and on 10th November with five other troop ships she departed for the long voyage to India. While the ship carried these British reinforcements, the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour brought the United States into the war.

She arrived in Bombay, via Trinidad and Capetown, on the 27th December 1941. After the troops had disembarked she returned to New York and continued with troop ship duties in the North Atlantic, Mediterranean and Pacific until the end of the war. She was decommissioned in 1946 and eventually scrapped in 1948.

She received six battle stars for World War II service.